Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Manicure Monday: Japanese 3D Nails

Hello Princesses!

For this Manicure Monday eddition I tried Japanese 3D Nail Art!
Traditional Japanese 3D Nail art is generally a bit busier than my interpretation. You can find some super cute design's at Himecastle where I found the example photo's down below!
My interpretation is a little simpler, >< so I thought I'd show you guys how I achieved this mani! ^^

To achieve this mani you will need the following products;
False Nails (Optional)
Nail Glue
Base Colour
Top Coat
Assorted Cabochons (I purchased all of mine from Fullmoon)
Some form of sticky ended stick to pick up cabochons
First off I glued false nails onto my own. My nail's aren't long enough for 3D deco, but if yours are feel free to skip this step! You can also decorate them first and glue them on afterwards if you have shaky hands.
(These don't fit my nails particularly well) ><

 Next, paint them your choice of base colour. My pink of choice is OPI's Second Honeymoon.

 I also coated Second Honeymoon with YSL's Mauve Reflection which is a pink/purple opalescence so I have more opaque and less of a creme finish.
 Decide what you theme will be, I chose pink and white ^^ (Surprise surprise)
 (I use my empty lens cases to store the smallest pearls and rhinestones.)
 Lay out all of your supplies and try to make sure a good amount are sitting with the flat side down. This makes it a lot easier to pick them up with the sticky stick.
I use a cuticle stick tipped with blu tack to pick up my cabochons and pearls. You can buy special crayons designed to do the same thing, but I find that the blu tack works just fine for me ^^
 I like to lay out the patterns before I glue them down to see how they look. My nails are still a little soft which makes it easy for the gems and pearls to stay on the nail long enough to see what it looks like, but can also leave dents if too soft :c
Once you know what patterns you want, you can apply a layer of glue to your whole nail, or to the back of the gems and stick them down. If you apply a whole nail of glue if can affect the colour and finish of your polish. Be aware that the more your design sticks outside of your natural nails the harder it will be to do everyday chores. >< Mine got stuck in my hair quite a lot. Since these are stick on nails I can take them off when I don't want to wear them which is super handy.
Even though these are more understated than traditional Japanese 3D Nail Art, I find that they are still pretty huge for me >< Although I like how the longer nails makes my hands look a little more graceful ^^
Please let me know what you thought of the mini tutorial! ^^ 


  1. Ooooh - I actually really like this!~ n__n I love all the pearls on the nails, and the OPI colour looks really nice with them. c: (never tried a YSL polish, though~)

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. Thank you! ^^ I got the YSL second hand at a very good price (can not afford to buy them new! ><)

  2. weeee those are cute! the hello kitty set too!!! =)

    1. The hello kitty ones are so sweet huh! I want to get some kitty cabochons so I can re-create the mani ^^

  3. I like them!! ^^
    Those hello kitty ones are so cute>3<

  4. So cute!! I LOVE THEM(:
    You've inspired me!


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