Saturday, 13 July 2013

♥ Beauty Expo Weekend! ♥

Hello Princesses!

Last weekend my mom was taking my sister back up to Hamilton for University, and coincidentally the Beauty Expo was on up in Auckland! So we decided to have a super girly weekend ^^  

This blog entry is going to be SUPER photo heavy!

On the Saturday night we went to see the Lone Ranger at the movie theater, and stopped for some coffee beforehand! Surprisingly the movie people actually let us into the movie with coffee, I was expecting them to make us throw it out! >< Usually the movie people are really strict with "outside food" coming into the theater. I guess it really annoys me when people leave pizza boxes all through Burger King so i can see why they make you throw it out. 

People are so messy.

On the Sunday morning we traveled up to Auckland and had brunch at the Hello Kitty Cafe! Since I visited last time and only purchased the drinks, I really wanted to go back and try their menu! I'd heard it was over-priced and below average.
 They still have the same cannibalistic menu. Also their food grade is still pending. That is not usually a good sign.
 They serve an all day breakfast which is awesome! Their menu is slightly over-priced for the quality of food, but you are paying for the cuteness of the cafe rather than the food quality.
Cute carrot cut outs of Hello Kitty!
 My mom chose the Cinnamon French Toast which was actually really tasty!
 My sister and I chose the Pancakes ^^ They are shaped like Hello Kitty too! (Surprise) The best part of the pancakes was actually the bacon, but the whole meal was very tasty too.

 Blue steel faces ^^
I found that the food was a little above average. I would certainly not pay this much for the food regularly, but for a special girls weekend it was fine.
After brunch we went to the Beauty Expo. The Beauty Expo is mostly for salon owners looking for contacts in the NZ beauty world, so there was a lot of wholesale goods and demonstrations.
The most surprising thing I found about the expo was the amount of spray tan models. There were men standing around in their underwear being spray tanned in front of crowds >< Super cute muscly men. Mostly naked. I didn't take any photos
 My little baby haul from the expo! I tried really hard not to spend too much money and I totally succeeded! ^^ 
 I also picked up some polishes from Annemarie and Lisa!
(Which totally helped my curb my spending cravings!)   

 After the long day we stopped off at Sylvia Parks Kiwi Yo!
 Kiwi Yo is a self serve frozen yoghurt store! It's so much fun to choose flavours and toppings, but I just wish they had more healthy toppings like fresh fruit so I wouldn't have to feel so dam chubby after eating there. >< I just can't control myself with a buffet of sugary sweet candy.
 Mommy's fro yo, Emily's, and my diabetes inducing monster. >< Oops.
We walked so much that my comfy shoes gave me blisters on the bottom of my pinkie toes! ><

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!


  1. That powder brush is really cute! I like the polish haul too!

    1. Thank you! :D hehe the polish hoarding is getting out of hand ><

  2. Looks like you had a fun time! C: The KiwiYo looks so good mmmm. *___*

    1. The KiwiYo is sooo yum, just really unhealthy ><

  3. what a cute cafe!!! :D all that food looks so yummy O.O

    1. It's very cute! But also filled with children's birthday parties ><

  4. Aww those hello kitty drinks are so cute>3<
    You're so pretty!!

    1. Hehe thank you sweetie! ^^ Anything with Hello Kitty is adorable in my eyes :D

  5. The Hello Kitty Cafe looks so cute!!
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog!

  6. Nice article, thanks! I learn something new on blogs everyday and yours is stimulating and provides new ideas. Thanks and keep up the good work!


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