Tuesday, 2 July 2013

♥ Weekend Adventures! ♥

Hello Princesses!

I thought I would spend a couple of minutes to talk about my busy weekend ^^ Well I mean technically since it was Thursday Friday and Saturday that's not a weekend but that doesn't matter to me!

(Warning, this post is super photo heavy)

On Thursday I went to the Importers Clearance sale and only purchased FOUR items! This is the least I've ever purchased from the sales, but since I know where to find almost all of the products for cheaper online, it seemed like a waste of money to buy some of the items!

I ended up buying;
OPI's - Care to Danse?
Maybellines Fit Me Foundation - 110 (Porcelain)
Maybellines Define-a-Lash Mascara
Strange $5 lipgloss   

On Friday I took a trip up to Auckland for some much needed retail therapy and also a gig! I have spent the month of June (attempting) to not spend any unnecessary money. Unfortunately I didn't quiiitee make it the whole month >< But that's ok!

 I also bought another Missha Soft Jelly Cleansing Puff, this time in Charcoal!
 The next day I went up to Auckland (again) with Jack, who had a business meeting for his audio engineering and sound design company. I couldn't stay overnight since I had to teach at 7am on the Saturday morning which was pretty inconvenient. 

I spent the day shopping with one of my best friend flute girls who flatly refuses to let me post any of the gorgeous photo's of her! >< Since I'm super nice, I respect her wishes and instead substitute the photos of us with photos of me and things I bought!
Ok I'm just going to point out that I got this coat for $37 NZD. Down from $150. How crazy is that!
 Super cute skinny belts! The cream tee shirt in the photo below was $2. So. Cheap.
In the evening we visited the Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket. I'd heard so many bad reviews about the cafe's food so I decided not to waste my money on the menu, and just try the hot drinks instead!
  The cafe is decorated adorably! 
They have a very cute menu board, which ... uh has some grammatical errors. Kids finger and chips? No thanks, I'm not really into child cannibalism.
I bought a large hot chocolate which was $4.80. I think that's a fair price for the size, although it was a fairly average tasting hot chocolate.

 Jack looking super bored and not phased by the cuteness!
 My face isn't quite that small, which means the hot chocolate is quite large!
I also bought some macaroons! I freaking love macaroons! They were $2.80 each and as you can see, one is substantially bigger than the other. The smaller one was covered in a pink glitter, which somehow made it acceptable to be as expensive as the bigger one. *shrugs* They were still really tasty!
Since we were at the cafe at night time (its open till 10pm on Saturday!) the colour of these photos is honestly shocking. All of these photos were taken on my smart-phone which made some of them incredibly yellow toned. So excuse the funny colour of some of these photos.
 I would probably go to the hello kitty cafe again, but just for the cute factor and the macaroons. I would probably try something from the menu next time, if only to see if the food was good or not!

After the Hello Kitty Cafe we went to the Auckland Night Markets! ^^
 Freaking amazing dumplings! ^^
And that's what my weekend included! ^^ *Phew*


  1. That... is a super weird reason to be hired. Haha.

    I love the photos of the Hello Kitty cafe. Particularly the hot chocolate. Cute overload.

    1. I know right! >< It's such a cute cafe! But strange to be surrounded by mostly children ><


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