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Provided for Review: Château Labiotte Wine Gel Nail Polish

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Château Labiotte Wine Gel Nail Polish! It's been so long since I talked about nail polishes on here, but I was so excited when BB Cosmetic reached out and offered to send these polishes to me for review because they are just SO cute!
Quick gel nail finish, French long-lasting glass nail polish, Easy and comfortable removing, Focus on the miniature wine package.
These polishes come housed in miniature wine bottle bottles. Like, how cute could this collection be! The coloured top shows the colour inside the bottle fairly accurately too.
There are six shades in the collection, 3 nudes and 3 reds. I do wish the colour range was a little more broad, but I guess they were going for red wine or white wine.
BE01 Melody Nude
Melody Nude is a beautiful sand coloured nude, but it is a little orange on my skintone. I found that this shade was a little difficult to apply, it does tend to be quite streaky so I found it best to apply two thicker layers of polish rather than 3 thinner ones.
BE02 Darling Nude
Darling Nude is my favourite of the three nudes, it's a beautiful blush toned nude. I can get a good application of this shade in two layers and it's a little easier to work with!
BE03 Holy Nude
Holy Nude is like a Holy No for me. It's a brown toned nude that doesn't look flattering against my skintone, but I do appreciate that they've included a nude for darker skintones! I found this shade easy to apply since it's the most pigmented or darkest nude, it wasn't as streaky.
RD01 Shiraz Red
Shiraz Red is a beautiful classic red shade. For all of these polishes the brush collects a lot of polish since the bottle is so narrow and tall. This does make them a little trickier to apply, since the brush dribbles polish down as you apply it, I end up with quite a messy application if I don't be very careful.
 RD02 Nebbiolo Red
Nebbiolo Red is a beautiful deep raspberry shade. This shade photographs and films much lighter than what I see in real life. This is such a beautiful shade, and all of the colours have that same beautiful gloss finish that does look a little like gel nails.
 RD03 Merlot Burgundy
Merlot Burgundy is a beautiful deep burgundy shade.  This shade applies a little unevenly, and this one is best applied in thinner layers rather than thicker layers. It does look beautiful and glossy once it's on though!
I wanted to do a wear test both on myself and my sisters nails since this is a gel polish that claims to be long lasting. I'm very gentle on my nails, and I decided to trial Darling Nude and Nebbiolo Red.

My sister is much harder on her nails and usually chips polish easily. She also painted her own nails and didn't have a very good time doing it, the formula was too thick and the brush picked up too much polish for her. She chose to trial the Holy Nude shade and Shiraz Red.
On Day 2 nothing much happened, but on Day 3 I did experience a lot of chipping especially on the darker shade. The lighter shade has a little tip wear, but it's not horrible.
 My sister experienced much the same.
On Day 4 the chipping is much worse and I can't keep wearing it because it just looks bad. The darker shades chip much faster than the lighter shades! I'm not sure what happened to the quality of these photos? But by the time I had realized that the quality was like -10 I had already taken the polish off. WHY.
What I Love
- Super cute packaging
- Cute colour range, though not broad
- Some shades are easy to apply

What I Don't Love
- The packaging makes it a little difficult to apply
- Some shades are very streaky
- Average longevity

Final Thoughts
These wine gel polishes are so cute and definitely a great present for any wine obsessed Princesses! Some shades are a little streaky, and they are a little difficult to apply because of the shape of the bottle, but at the end of the day you're purchasing this because of the shape and the gimmick that it is shaped like an adorable wine bottle. I've tried a fair few polishes in my time, and these colours are easily dupe-able, so if you're not buying these for the bottle then don't worry about missing out of the shades. But seriously, where else are you going to find wine bottle shaped polishes that actually look good on the nails!

I would recommend the Château Labiotte Wine Gel Nail Polish to any Princesses that are looking for beautiful glossy polishes in wine bottle packaging!

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