Thursday, 4 May 2017

Review: Missha Aqua Cover Foundation

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be Missha Aqua Cover Foundation! I bought this because it came in the shade 13, and I also have the two classic Missha BB Creams in the shade 13 that work really well for my skin too. There weren't very many reviews on this foundation, but it had some really promising claims so I was super interesting in trying it out!

Chia seed extract, iris extract and birch sap gives moisture fresh finish without grease. Clear cover powder and smoothing powder cover skin blemishes and curves for clear and silky looking skin. Kakadu plum extract and lime extract gives bright vital skin care.
This foundation comes in a standard glass bottle with a pump top. The cap and the writing is a really pretty shade of blue and the packaging is pretty, yet functional.
I bought the shade 13 which is the lightest out of the range. This is neutral to warm toned, it's clearly not as yellow as the NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia, but a little warmer than the other two BB Creams by Missha. It's pretty light and matches my skin fairly well, but it is slightly brightening.
I found this foundation pretty easy to apply with brushes, sponges and cushion puffs. I didn't notice any difference in finish or coverage when I used this foundation with different primers or powders.
I have a couple of blemishes at the moment so it's great to test this foundations coverage! It claims to have excellent coverage that covers blemishes, but I really do disagree with this.
This has such light coverage, it does blur imperfections but in no way does it cover them. It does make my skin look very healthy and lovely, but if I do have blemishes this isn't a product I would choose.
In terms of colour it doesn't look too bad on me. My neck has gotten more tan than my face (I do have olive skin, so it looks much more yellow) but it does match my chest quite well. Since my neck and chest don't match I either have to match my face to my neck or chest.
After a 9 hour work day during very warm weather this foundation has terrible longevity and oil control. My face is swimming in oil and the foundation has rubbed off in multiple patches. It really does look quite bad, I believe the sweat from the hot weather (don't pretend it doesn't happen to you too) breaks down the foundation badly.
 However with cold weather this foundation looks fine after 9 hours. I really is a rather extreme difference!
There is some oil around my nose, but all in all for a 9 hour work shift I am absolutely happy with this.
What I Love
- Pretty inexpensive between $11-15USD
- Great colour for Porcelain Princesses
- Easy to apply
- Beautiful skin like finish
- Pretty good longevity in cold weather

What I Don't Love
- Does not cover blemishes
- Doesn't last well during hot weather
- Average oil control

Final Thoughts
This is a very specific foundation, I can only wear it when I want a natural, skin-like finish, in the cold weather, when I have very little chance of sweating. This does not mean that it is a bad foundation or a bad product because it can look really pretty on my skin, but it can very easily go wrong too and when the weather heats up it pretty much melts off my face which just looks terrible. I think that I'm going to use this quite a lot during winter because in general I do prefer a lightweight, natural foundation for everyday wear, I quite enjoy seeing my super light freckles! But it's not a product I would suggest for any Princesses that live in a hot, humid climate because this will just melt. Like it's name suggests it is a little moisturising (not amazingly so, but still moisturising), so it's more suited for a colder, drier climate or Princesses that have a dry skin type.

I would recommend the Missha Aqua Cover Foundation to any Princesses that live in a cold, dry climate that are looking for a super natural, lightweight foundation that comes in a fantastic colour for Porcelain Princesses! 

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  1. I personally love this foundation~ I have dry skin and live in a colder country~

  2. It looks wonderful for light makeups, since it does make the skin looks pretty healthy and nice, but it's too bad it doesn't work well with the hot weather, it would have been a wonderful summer foundation!


  3. Elina KarlssonMay 05, 2017 6:11 am

    Hello! I wonder wich cushion foundation is your absolute favourite?
    your blog is very helpful for us pale girls!


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