Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Fail or Holy Grail Review: Fairy Drops Quattro Mascara

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Fairy Drops Quattro Mascara! I picked this product up from Sasa recently because I needed a new mascara. I actually had both this mascara as well one of the Heroine Make mascaras in my shopping cart and ultimately decided on trying the Heroine Make Mascara. Somehow my brain decided to remove the Heroine Make Mascara from the cart and keep the Fairy Drops in, so I'm reviewing the Fairy Drops Mascara instead!
Fairy Drops Quattro Mascara comes with a Quattro brush which has bristles shaped “into four bobbles curled to fit the lashes”. It is designed to place mascara on to the lashes in just the right place and lift them at the same time for a voluminous effect.

How to use:
Comb eyelashes with eyelash brush. Curl up eyelashes with lash curler.
Take out the mascara brush. Let the eyelashes be bitten between the balls at the roots and brush upward for a curl.
Clean up brush or container and keep tightly closed after use.
This mascara has pretty packaging, it's very functional and much like any other mascara. This mascara wand has four bobbles (I guess that would be why it's called a Quattro mascara) which are supposed to cuddle your lashes and lift them up. The problem for me is that the bobbles pull out WAY too much mascara. The left photos show what the mascara wand looks like when it's fresh out of the tube, and the right shows what it looks like when I wipe off that excess mascara. The bobbles do catch all of the mascara, but since you're supposed too face the bobbles inwards to fit to your lashes, all of the product gets applied straight to the base of the lashes which makes it very intense.
This is how much mascara is wiped off. Afterwards, there is still plenty of mascara on the wand and I can do both my upper and lower lashes without having to re-dip my brush. That is a LOT of wasted mascara, but I just don't like how the mascara looks on my lashes without wiping that excess off. No offense or shade to anyone who does like a big bold lash, it's just too much for me personally.
This is what my lashes look like using the mascara as it is. I find that my lashes clump together a lot, I do have quite a lot of lashes normally (thanks to revitalash!) but this gives me the look of thick long lashes, just not as many of them or as full as I prefer.
I think it comes down to the fact that I just personally prefer fluffier lashes rather than thicker lashes. I find this mascara hard to use because there is just too much product on the brush.
I can solve the problem of too much product by wiping the excess of onto the rim of the mascara bottle, but there is actually still too much product on the brush, so I need to wipe if off onto a clean tissue. It's not the end of the world, but I do find it quite wasteful. 
What I Love
- Pretty, functional packaging
- Smudge-proof

What I Don't Love
- Wand just has way too much product
- I need to wipe off a lot of product which means I waste a lot
- I find this mascara makes my lashes look too chunky (personal preference) 

Final Thoughts
This is not the mascara for me, I find that there is just way, way, way too much product on the wand and I have to wipe if off the wand to get an application that I like, which is pretty wasteful. However, the formula is quite lovely, it's smudge-proof and doesn't flake or smear throughout the day which is great. I just have a problem with the amount of product that comes out of the bottle.

I would recommend the Fairy Drops Quattro Mascara to any Princesses that want really big, thick lashes!

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  1. Wow that is a dramatic lash! It'd be a bit too much for me too.

    Belle in Black and White

  2. It's a shame that the brush picks up so much product, it look so wasteful!
    Thank you for the review though; I've considered getting this mascara on occasion, but it seems like it'd be much too heavy for me ><


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