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Review: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Matt

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Matt Collection! It took me a very long time to pick up some of these lipsticks because there are a fair few colours in each range, but I really couldn't resist because the packaging is just so cute!
The lipstick makes the lips look attractive with vivid color and sensuous texture.
I adore the packaging of these lipsticks, I'm not sure if I could like them any more! I did find that the lipsticks had a very candy like, plasticy scent to them.
There are 8 shades in the collection, four pinks and four red shades! All of the shades are very vibrant, and of course matte. I was surprised that there were no pastel shades in the collection, and in reality the colour range isn't very broad, the colours are really quite similar.
This shade is a very bright fuchsia shade. This is sadly my least favourite colour and formula, it's very difficult to apply and is quite streaky. I find that the light colour does accentuate any flaws on my lips and I really do need a lip liner to create a nice crisp line.
I find with such a matte formula the lipstick bullet itself does drag across my lips when I apply it, which does create quite an uneven lip line. I think on the right person this colour could look gorgeous, but it's not really for me.
PK014 is a beautiful mid toned strawberry pink. This shade is much more like me, and has a smoother formula than the previous colour.
All of these lipsticks have gorgeous colour payoff, even if they do have different textures. This is one of my favourite shades!
PK015 is a deep fuchsia shade. This is another one of the shades with the lovely smooth formula.
I wasn't in love with this shade when I swatched it, but I actually really like it on! The formula is very smooth and flattering on dryer lips.
PK025 is a vibrant coral red shade. This shade has a dry formula and sits heavily in the lines in my lips.
I quite like the colour of this lipstick but I'm not in love with the formula. I can make this dryer formulas work well if I exfoliate my lips and then apply a very thick lip balm about an hour before using the lipstick, but I don't find the reapplication of these formulas is very successful.
RD306 is a vampy burgundy shade. This was the hardest to apply for me because again, it's so dry in texture, but also so dark it's hard to clean up any mistakes!
This is a pretty shade for Autumn and Winter, it's definitely not an everyday shade for me but it is nice for the right occasion!
RD310 is a bright orange shade. For me it definitely looks totally orange, but it's technically classed as a Red here.
I love the colour of this lipstick, but again, the formula is hard for me to work with. You can see the uneven outline the dry formula creates. Not all matte formulas have to be dry to be matte.
RD311 is a classic blue toned red shade.
This is another of the shades with the nicer formula and it's a really lovely classic colour.
The final shade is RD312 which is a brick red.
I'm not a huge fan of this shade, and the formula isn't amazing either. This shade does apply rather patchily, so I do need to run the bullet over a couple of times for full opacity.
Here are all the shades lined up! The colour range isn't very broad, especially in the red shades.
The red shades are very close in colour, I certainly don't need all three of them!
What I Love
- Adorable packaging
- Some beautiful smooth, matte formulas
- Fairly long wearing at around 5 hours

What I Don't Love
- Some very, very dry formulas
- Some are hard to apply and need a lip liner
- Hard to reapply shades with dry formula
- Very similar shade range  

Final Thoughts
There are a couple of shades in this range that I like, but in reality I think I would've been better off with the Chiffon range rather than the Matte range. I'm quite disappointed in the colour range for the most part, the colours are so similar, they're all vibrant and there are no pastel shades which I would get so much more wear out of so I don't think it's the best collection for me. I also find the formula is either nice and smooth, or super dry so it's almost a 50/50 chance that it will look nice on my lips. I can make these work with well prepped lips and a lip liner, but in general they're not very easy to apply. If you have quite dry lips like I do but still want to try these out, just be prepared to do a little more lip prep than normal to make them work, but if you have regular non-pruney dry lips then I guess you'd be ok with these! The packaging is so cute though!

I would recommend the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Matt to any Princesses that are looking for vibrant, matte lipsticks in super cute packaging!

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  1. wow, the colors are pigmented and they all look gorgeous on you!


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