Thursday, 25 May 2017

Review: Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Blusher

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Blusher! A couple of days after I bought the four shades in the range, Aritaum announced they were redoing the range and introducing new shades. Like, how annoying is that. But at least this can be a good guide for the colours when they inevitably go on sale!

Soft & Lovely Pigmentation, Comfortable Applicator is included, Velvet-Fitting Finish for Natural Look. Containing “Soft-Tinted Powder” to give crease-free formula, which maintains lovely color for all day long. Sebum absorbing powder is included to prevent smudging caused by excessive sebum.
The original range comes with four shades that have matching coloured lids so it's easy to identify which shade you want before you pick it up. They also come with a miniature brush to apply the blush which I personally really dislike because it's like half the size of my face and doesn't pick up much product.
The shades are quite pretty and the colour range is fairly broad for four shades. They are pretty pigmented, but I swatched these twice below to really show the colour.
Pink Lazer
Pink Lazer is a beautiful mid toned pink with sheer silver glitter throughout.
This shade is really pretty and looks very flattering on my skintone. Even though there is a sheer silver glitter in the formula you can't see that on my skin. This is one of my favourite shades in the range.
Coral Sugar
Coral Sugar is a light orange shade. It swatches much more orange than it appear in the pan, from the look of the pressed product I would've expected a much peachier colour!
This is my least favourite colour, it's just too orange. I don't think it looks bad at all and the colour is very interesting, it's just not my favourite on my skintone and it's not a colour I really gravitate towards or reach for.
Pink In Coral
Pink in Coral is a beautiful peach shade. This is my favourite shade in the range and it's the one I reach for all the time.
For me this shade looks natural and really pretty! I find that the blushes do smooth out some of my pores and textured skin which is also great. This shade is almost like a "neutral" to me in the sense that I can pair it with any eyeshadow or lipstick colour, so this is another reason why it's the most used shade out of the four.
Peach Crush
Peach Crush is a vibrant pink. I only need the smallest amount of this shade to create a beautiful flush, it is very pigmented.
I like this shade for a very youthful flush of colour. I can easily overdo this shade, so it applies best with a duo fibre brush.
I really like all of the shades, I think they all look quite flattering
The Pink in Coral shade is definitely my favourite because it's so flattering and goes with any lip colour, and Coral Sugar is definitely my least favourite because I find it quite limiting, it would look odd with a pink lip for instance.
What I Love
- Pretty, functional packaging
- Beautiful colour range
- Easy to apply
- So flattering on larger pores and textured skin
- Pink in Coral and Pink Lazer are my favourite shades
- Inexpensive at $6-7USD each  

What I Don't Love
- The brush provided is a little useless
- Old colour range

Final Thoughts
I really enjoyed trying out these blushes! It is a shame that there is a new colour range because I really like these shades, but I think I'm happy enough with these that I'll buy and try out the new colour range too! Aritaum also has a cushion blusher range too which looks like they're cream blushes rather than powder blushes, so I'd really like to try those out too. The only thing that let me down with these blushes is the odd little brushes that come with the blush, I'd rather pay a little less for the blushes and not have the brushes, they're just a little useless.

I would recommend the Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Blushes to any Princesses that are looking for a cute colour range, and very flattering formula in blushes. 

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  1. Oh, was it the reason that Aritaum had a big sale lately ^^ the colors are so pretty, I love that they are pigmented but not over the top.



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