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Provided for Review: Tosowoong Makeon Dual Shaking Lip Tint

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Tosowoong Makeon Dual Shaking Lip Tints! These tints were kindly provided by Roseroseshop who I have been shopping with since 2012!

"Tosowoong Makeon Dual Shaking Lip Tint
Dual shaking lip tint offers you a great plumping effect with long-lasting color.
The natural ingredients (Avocado oil) provide you tender and healthy lips. Extremely soft and ergonomic tip is perfect for your sensitive lips and prevents your lips from external damages.
[How to use]

Shake well before use to mix liquid layer and oil layer. Apply tint and spread all onto your lips. You will see the cooling and plump effect as soon as applying product to your lips. Apply small amount of tint in the middle of your lips for cooling and plumping effect. Spread it with your fingers gently for natural and pure lips. *Close the lid tightly after use and store it upright to prevent it from flowing backward.

 #01 Orange / #02 Vampire / #03 Blood "(1)
The packaging of this tint is quite elegant and functional. They stand up really well, and the plastic is extremely sturdy meaning that they are easy to travel with. These tints are made up of a coloured tint as well as a "spicy gloss" which contains oils, meaning that the whole tint acts similar to a lava lamp! It also means that it won't swatch well because the oil stops the tint from absorbing into my arm skin, so here are some very average swatches.
These tint's dry quite quickly if you pat the spicy gloss away, and they stain very quickly, so any mistakes have to be wiped up pronto! They will also stain your fingers if you use them to blend the gloss, so it's not ideal for touch ups on the go unfortunately. The colours are all super vibrant and pigmented which is neat, they only require one layer for full coverage.

Orange, is a vibrant orange shade (duh)
This shade is not only vibrant, it's straight out intense. I love this shade as a gradient lip colour, it reminds me of drinking Fanta as a child! ^ ^
This is the worst shade for full colour cover. Look how patchy that is! This is after 2 applications of colour, it just won't stick to parts of my lips (which isn't unheard of in lip tints in general), but since this colour is so vibrant it just looks so awful. I was supposed to go to work after apply this colour, but I had to spend 5 minutes trying to scrub it off afterwards because it just looks SO bad!
You can see where the colour adheres and where it doesn't, it's so weird! You can also see some of the product balling up on my lips which you can't see in real life. Eww!

Vampire is a rich berry shade
This is my least favourite lip gradient colour because I find it the hardest to blend which is so disappointing since I was so excited for this shade! It works OK, but tends to sit in my lip lines a little.

This tint also applies patchily, but the worst part is how badly it sits in my lip lines! It makes them look so much drier than they actually are which is frustrating.
It applies so well to the inner parts of my lips, but not to the outer!
I did manage to get it to this opacity once (hard work I tell you) but it feathered SO badly, and it also just sinks into my lip lines so when I smile it just looks awful. But how beautiful is that colour!
Blood is a bright red shade
This is one of my favourite shades to use for a gradient tint since it's more the colour of my natural lips.
 You can see that it blends really well as a tint, but I am using my finger to get a good blend. You can also see that it didn't really want to adhere to part of my lip, but that's ok, it makes it look a little more natural!

I used three thin coats to achieve this opacity here. This is such a beautiful, vibrant colour, it really is a shame that I can't wear this as a full cover lip tint!

And once you see my smile you can see why. This feathers into my lip lines so badly, I've instantly aged at least 10 years. Ok, maybe 10 years is an exaggeration, but it still looks quite awful. But the colour is just so beautiful!

In general, these lip tints are quite drying for my lips, even though they claim to be moisturising! They feather really badly if I leave them alone to dry because the oil stops the tint from absorbing properly, so it's best for me to pat them into my lips with my fingers so that I get a cleaner finish. I find that the spicy gloss does burn my lips if I don't pat it away with my fingers, but I don't find that it plumps my lips at all, it just burns! 

It's frustrating that I can't use these all over my lips since they are such vibrant colours, they would be perfect for a long day at work since they last forever! However, I really think for me these are best suited to use for gradient lips which is still ok!

What I Love
- 110% smudge proof
- Vibrant colours
- Long lasting
- Innovative
- So fun to play with
- Works great for gradient lips

What I Don't Love
- Quite pricey at $13-19USD
- Doesn't always adhere to lips
- Feathers badly if not patted in with fingers
- Spicy gloss is spicy, but not reallyplumping
- Makes my lips quite dry
- Not easy to touch up on the go as they stain fingers  

Final Thoughts
I feel quite 50/50 about these tints! On one hand they are great for lip gradients because they have such a vibrant colour payoff and they last for such a long time. On the other hand, they are just awful as a full lip cover product because they feather, don't always adhere to the lips and make my lips feel extremely dry. I quite like these, but at around $15USD each I wouldn't re-purchase these myself.

I would recommend these lip tints to any Princesses who are after a long lasting gradient lip tint, and like the entertainment of lava lamp lip products! ^ ^

Where To Buy:
Roseroseshop $10.60USD Each
Wishtrend $19.99USD Each
KoreaDepart $13.23USD Each   

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  1. The packaging reminds me of blood samples. Really odd!

  2. These are really pretty colors. I've never tried a lip stain before!

    xo Azu

  3. I thought the packaging was half empty for a second hahah that's interesting!
    http://Jenny Ye -blog

  4. I really love long lasting lip products but it's a shame these are quite patchy! I think I'd get too annoyed applying them.

    Belle in Black and White

  5. looks like blood :3 hahah such interesting product though, I should try ~


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