Friday, 1 April 2016

First Impression: Mizon Intensive Firming Solution Collagen Power Firming Enriched Cream

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Mizon Intensive Firming Solution Collagen Power Firming Enriched Cream! I'm always so curious about Mizon products, but why do they always have to have such a long name!?
What Does It Do?
"Mizon Intensive Firming Solution Collagen Power Firming Enriched Cream is infused with rich collagen extract for the ultimate firming effect. Containing 54% of collagen solution gives a superior skin firming effect while delivering deep hydration. Adenosine helps to improve skin elasticity effectively. It actively boosts the production of collagen to plump out skin and increases elasticity to prevent fine lines. This cream also delivers deep hydration throughout the skin for a smooth and soft finish. The copper tree Peptide-1 and palmitoyl pentapeptide-4 regenerate damaged skin tissues, creating a synergy effects of skin firming with 54% of Collaen and hyaluronic acid. Also olive oil, camellia flower oil and evening primrose oil leave skin moisturized all day long. No Paraben, Ethanol, Benzophenone, artificial coloring, or artificial fragrance contained."(1)
This cream has quite a thick, creamy texture and is pinky beige in colour. It has an odd smell that I can't quite describe, but it's not too offensive. It spreads out quickly and easily on the skin and absorbs fairly quickly! It leaves my skin feeling quite firm and softly matte. I didn't notice any "long term" benefits from this product, though 3 days is far too short to form any proper opinions on a product, which is why this is a First Impression!
Would I Purchase This Product?
Perhaps! It's not too expensive at around $30USD and it does make my skin feel quite firm and bouncy. Though I've just been scouting around to price point it and I can't really find it in stock anywhere at the moment! If I found this product actually on sale somewhere I probably would pick it up and give it a go since it is quite lovely, but I'm not sure if it's $30 worth of lovely. 

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  1. Does it smell anything like animal fat? I started using the Berrisom collagen whatever-whatever (too lazy to go into the bathroom to check the exact name) cream a while ago, and couldn't quite put my finger on what it smelled like, for a while, either. I am wondering if all collagen products have this similar smell.

    1. Hey it actually might! I don't have any left to sniff, but that potentially is the weird smell I smelt ><


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