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First Impression: Innisfree It's Real Squueze Mask

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Masks! I was so curious about these masks, so I decided to purchase one of each sheet mask to see which one I liked the best!
What Does It Do?
"Jeju green complex: The Jeju green complex consists of green tea, tangerine, cactus, camellia leaves, and orchids to keep your skin healthy.

Triple-layered sheet: This triple-layer sheet has a long-lasting moisturizing effect so that the essence can gradually be absorbed into the skin."
In general, these masks feel really nice and smooth on the skin, though they don't fit well around my eyes mouth which is annoying. The eye gap is very square and elongated while the upper lip patch is way too thick and I need to scrunch it up so it doesn't end up dripping into my mouth.  I also tear the nose to cheek part so it doesn't tent and actually adheres to my nose, it's extremely easy to tear which is nice!
The masks are quite drenched in serum, there is enough to bring down the neck, and some serum left in packet afterwards. Some masks felt slightly dry when first applied, so I used the leftover serum to boost the mask, but others felt just fine without the excess serum. These masks take at least 15-20mins after removing to absorb enough to apply moisturiser.

A clean and moisturizing skin. 
 Golden kiwis clear and moisturize your skin"(1)
I don't understand why it's not kiwifruit? A kiwi is a flightless bird that (I hope) isn't made into masks! This mask doesn't smell like kiwifruit at all, and I didn't really like it that much. I found that it made my face feel a little greasy and not really that hydrated. I didn't notice any immediate brightening or moisturising effects on my facial skin after the mask, so I probably wouldn't purchase more of this type of mask.  

Manuka Honey
Moisturize your skin with the manuka honey It's real squeeze mask!
Manuka honey from New Zealand's manuka flowers has abundant nutrients for healthier skin.(2)
Yay New Zealand honey! I didn't realise people loved manuka honey so much until I started doing beauty blogging, because of course coming from NZ this stuff is pretty much everywhere and isn't that expensive. Anyway. This mask smelt a little unpleasant, more like alcohol than like honey and came thoroughly drenched in serum. This mask made my skin feel quite soft and firm, though I'm not certain it made it any healthier. It's not a bad mask since it is quite hydrating, but it's not a miracle mask that makes me repurchase immediately.
Hydrate your skin with the It's real squeeze mask - aloe!
The Aloe gives your stressed skin vitality by soothing and moisturizing it. (3)
This masks feels so soothing and smells so fresh! This masks left my skin feeling soft and moisturised, but not much else. I would use them if they were free, but wouldn't go out of my way to purchase these.
 Provide your skin with moisture with the It's real squeeze mask - bamboo!
Bamboo water quickly quenches your skin's thirst by providing moisture. (4)
This mask smelt like nothing to me, though I'm not sure what Bamboo smells like to be honest! This mask felt really soothing on my skin, it absorbed quite quickly, and left my skin feeling moisturised but not tacky. I don't think this mask was overly hydrating for my skin, especially in comparison to the other more hydrating masks in this collection, but I would definitely use these during the summer when my skin is a little oily!

Replenish your skin's moisture with the It's real squeeze mask-cucumber!
Cucumber contains effective ingredients that make your skin clear and vital with natural moisture.(5)

This mask smells lovely and fresh and feels soothing on aggravated skin. My skin felt noticeable softer after the mask, but I found that this one didn't absorb very quickly at all, so I needed to wait 30-40 before applying my moisturiser. I would grab a couple of these masks for use on days where my skin feels irritated, but I have enough time to let the mask absorb.

Green Tea
Soothing and moisturizing effects of green tea extracts(6)
This Green Tea mask doesn't really smell like green tea to me (which is quite nice since most green tea products smell like straight dirt to me) and felt relatively soothing on my non irritated skin. I found that it moisturised my skin enough, but wasn't anything special for me. I would use them if they were gifted to me, but I would go out of my way to purchase more of these.

Acai Berry
Authentic face mask made with acai berry for smoother and younger-looking skin! 
In the Amazons, they refer to the acai berry as the "fountain of youth" due to its nutrients and potential health benefits. Acai berry ingredients provides younger-looking skin.(7)
This mask smells super fruity, like Acai berries obviously! It has a super smooth serum that feels quite thick and hydrating. My skin feels slightly sticky afterwards for about an hour, but quite soft, I can still layer over another moisturiser without it pilling off. I quite liked this mask and would purchase them again for a good hydration boost!

Authentic face mask made with fresh rice ingredients to moisturize the skin!
Women have traditionally used rice water to wash their faces for clear and bright skin. The ingredients in rice smooth and brighten rough and dull skin.(8)

I didn't get one of these for some reason!

Get supple and radiant skin with the rose It's real squeeze mask!
Fragrant roses provide moisture to your skin to make it supple and smooth. (9)

This mask smells heavily of rose! I absolutely love the scent of this mask and it feels really soothing on my skin. I found that my skin felt super soft and hydrated after using this mask, though not too greasy. My skin looked like it had a subtle glow too which is great! I would definitely purchase more of the Rose masks!

Get supple and translucent skin with the strawberry It's real squeeze mask!
Strawberry helps make your skin bright and supple.(10)

This mask smells like alcoholic strawberries. It's not awful, but not entirely pleasant! I found that this mask was lightly moisturising, but it didn't really have much of an effect on my skin. I didn't see any brightening or extra suppleness to my skin. I probably wouldn't repurchase this mask.   

Get supple and bright skin with the lime It's real squeeze mask!
Lime helps give your skin a bright, clear complexion.(11)

OH, MY GOODNESS. I just put this mask on and it STINKS like toilet cleaner. The fact that the mask sits underneath my nose makes it all the worse because I keep sniffing it and it's just so gross to me. (If you love this smell, I'm so sorry for probably offending you) This mask did make my skin look quite bright which was nice, but lord I cannot stand that smell. I would recommend it if you want bright, toilet smelling skin though! ^ ^

A refreshing face mask made from the torreya oil to clear your skin!
The fruits of the torreya tree have been highly regarded as a precious ingredient.(12)

This mask was quite interesting for me to use since I don't really know what Bija is! This mask felt nice to use like the majority of the other ones, and this one also felt quite nice and moisturising! Though I liked this mask, I don't like it as much as I liked a few of the others, so I probably won't repurchase this one.

Tea Tree
It's real squeeze face mask made with tea tree to clear your skin!
Tea tree is an herb traditionally known for skin care. (13)

I was quite hesitant to use this Tea Tree mask since my skin is not actually very troubled at the moment! I usually think of Tea Tree being a really astringent and drying since in New Zealand it is traditionally used for oily skin (or head lice treatment) but I was happily surprised that this mask was quite moisturising! It made my skin feel really hydrated after use, though when I woke up in the morning my skin didn't feel like it was tooo moisturised which I quite like too. It also didn't smell like Tea Tree which is quite refreshing. I might purchase more of these, but I feel very 50/50 about them, they weren't amazing but they weren't awful.

Get firm and elastic skin with the blackberry It's real squeeze mask!
The super food blackberry gives your skin protection to make it more healthy. (14)

This mask smells amazing, like blackberries of course. It has a milky serum, and the mask felt quite dry so I squeezed out all of the excess serum and stuck it on top of the mask. I massaged the excess into my hands and it took forever to absorb, but made my hands look very smooth and hydrated. The morning after using this mask my skin felt so plump and soft, I would purchase a couple of these masks for use when my skin needed a hydration boost.

Get firm and radiant skin with the pomegranate It's real squeeze mask!
Pomegranate, known as the "king's fruit," helps your skin become radiant. (15)

This mask smelt quite bland, just vaguely like berries. The mask also felt quite bland and regular while on my skin, but felt quite moisturising after removal! I don't feel like this mask made my skin feel much firmer or look radiant, so I don't think I would repurchase these as other masks made my skin more hydrated.

Shea Butter
A deep moisturizing mask made with shea butter!
The soft shea butter deeply hydrates dry skin from within. (16)
This mask smelt faintly of berries, but when dried it smelt like shea butter! This mask felt extremely hydrating and left my skin feeling slightly sticky to the touch. The morning after, my skin felt quite hydrated and moisturised, so I would repurchase these for a good deep moisturise!

Final Thoughts
I really quite liked a few of these masks, though some of the others were just a little average. There was only one mask that I hated which was the Lime, just because it smelt absolutely awful to me (no offence to any one who likes that scent!) so I for sure wouldn't purchase that ever! These masks were a little hit and miss for me, though I definitely think purchasing all of the different types and trying them all out is the best idea for everyone to find their favourite mask! ^ ^

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  2. Thank you for the post:-) I love the black berry one. its just amazing and i always keep a bunch.

  3. Haha, we pretty much agree on every single mask! I always get the Aloe, Green Tea and Bamboo ones for free with purchases, so I slap them on in summer after a day in the sun (they're great if you put them in the fridge!), but they aren't special or anything. But I love their Acai, Rose, Blackberry and Sheabutter one. Especially the Shea one is my (cheap) skin savior in winter. :D

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