Sunday, 17 April 2016

Provided for Review: Born Pretty Store Jewellery

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about some jewellery from Born Pretty Store!

1 Pair Gold Ear Studs Earrings Vintage Shining Rhinestone Earrings Jewelry $1.61 
I chose these earrings because they looked subtly blingy on the website pictures. It was hard to see the details on the model since she is soo far away from the camera, so I thought the site would benefit from some better pictures too!

I like everything about these earrings other than the placement of the actual stud that goes though your ear. Since the stud is at the top of the earring, the earring does droop down and it actually makes my ears appear quite saggy, when in reality they are quite small. But, for such a cheap price I can deal with a little droopiness!

I loved the look of this bracelet on the website, though it did look pretty over the top and feminine. I actually really like it in real life since it's not as garish as I thought! I love the layering and the detail on the bracelet, the only thing I would potentially remove is the fabric bow as it does look quite ratty at the ends.
The other frustrating thing is that the bow charm is missing the gold colouring from one side! This doesn't look awful in real life because the metallic is so shiny that it is quite hard to tell, but it is worth noting!

Thank you so much to Born Pretty Store for sending me these pieces to review! If you want to order from Born Pretty Store make sure you use my code "LPP10K31" for an extra 10% off your total!

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  1. Wow..Stunning jewelries,I love the design of the bracelet so beautiful.


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