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Review: Missha The Style Eye Palette and Shadows

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Missha The Style Eye Palette and Shadows! This palette is so neat because it is a build your own palette!

Since this is a build your own palette, you do have to purchase an empty palette!
 And then you can pick the shadows you want! I went for a mostly neutral tones, but added a peach shade that would double well as a blush.
I really like the shadow range because you can choose to have one shade, two or three in a pan!
Some of the swatches are disappointing in pigmentation and the colours are slightly lighter than the pans make them seem. The bottom left cream shade looks quite peachy in the pan, but icy pink in the swatch.

The Style Shine Pearl Shadow (Glitter)
Jewel Glitter Line - GBR01
Sparkling glitter pearls add shine to your eyes! These mini-sized shiny, pearl eye shadow colors have a soft silky texture for comfortable wear and great adherence.
This shade is a gorgeous gold glitter! These types of shadows are basically just glitter, so they don't have too much pigmentation. Here, I applied this on the inner half of my eyelid, but in reality you can barely tell.
You can only really see the glitter from the side when it has light on it! This also looks gorgeous patted onto the centre of the eyelid.

The Style Triple Perfection Shadow - #4
Perfect eye makeup in 5 seconds or less - No brush needed!
With just the tip of your finger, anyone can achieve perfect eye makeup with MISSHA The Style Triple Perfection Shadow. Containing Argon oil, it applies softy and smoothly. With flower complex, Pearl powder, and Marine collagen ingredient, it protects the skin around eyes while providing moisture to it.Three colors are built in one container to apply with any color combination you desire.
I think the triple colour is so cool, but they are quite small so it's hard to pick colour up properly. I also don't think it works to be applied all at the same time like the description suggests because it gets smeared and smudged and it's not great!
The first shade in the trio is a matte, dark chocolate brown. Here I have applied the darkest colour on the outer, upper lashline. This colour  is a little chalky, but it's not awful. It's at least more pigmented than some of the other darker colours.

The middle shade is a buttery, shimmery brown. This one is nicely pigmented and easy to apply and blend. I applied this to the inner third of my eyelid, and it's quite nice!
The third shade is a bright beige. This one is also quite buttery and soft, it's pigmented and has enough shimmer to be a little sparkly. This is the perfect brow bone highlight or inner corner highlight for me, it brightens up my eyes beautifully!

The Style Silky Shadow Duo
The Style Silky Shadow Duo has perfectly complementing shadow colors for easy to use eye makeup. The silky base color and point color have small pearls for subtle shimmering effect. Contains Lecithin Coating Powder for smooth, silky application and Silica Powder ingredient for buildable color.
The top shade is a light golden colour, and the bottom is a warm, dark brown. These two shades are definitely the least pigmented in the palette. Look how chalky the darker shade is! This is with about 5 thick swipes of product and no primer.

They both work quite well if you use a primer, though I do have to pack the colour on quite a bit! I used the lighter shade on the inner half of my eye, and the darker on the lower half. The lighter shade is very subtle! The darker shade looks quite nice and pigmented, it doesn't look too chalky on the eye which is quite nice.
The top shade is a plain beige, while the bottom is a pretty peach. The top shade is very sheer and perfect as an all over base colour, while the bottom is a lovely blush shade, but a little too pink for a good transitional peach shade.

I find that the beige makes my eyelids look nice and smooth, it negates some of the veins in my eyelids, and the peach shade looks lovely as a blush! The peach is slightly shimmery, but I think it looks fine still, if I was using this palette for travel I wouldn't mind at all.
The Style Mono Touch Shadow (Cream)
The soft creamy texture of this eye shadow gives you a smooth application for a comfortable long-lasting wear.
This shade is a cool toned icy pink! I was surprised by this because it initially looked more peach in the pan, but after a couple of uses the peach layer sort of rubbed off and it became fully pink! This shade is also super glittery.
I originally chose this shade to be a primer for the other shadows, and it works well enough, though the glitter does make it a little chunky. It brightens up the other colours which is quite good and helps them adhere. But, it does effect the longevity of the other shadows and they crease faster.

The Style Mono Touch Shadow
The Style Mono Touch Shadow is a shimmering mini eye shadow. It just takes one touch of this shadow to give your eyes the shine and color you desire. Its soft texture allows for smooth application and great adherence.(1)
This shade is a light chocolate brown with heavy silver glitter. I find that this shade leaves glitter everywhere which is frustrating, but just means that I need to do my eyes first rather than foundation. Here, I just used this shade over my entire eyelid for a subtle wash of colour.

This shadow is a rich milk chocolate brown. This shade is lovely and pigmented, it's such a beautiful shade too!
Here, I used the colour on the outer half of my lid, I really like the way this deepens and warms up my eyes! This is also a great colour to pop in the crease for a seamless transition.

The last shade is a deep, rich brown.
This shade doesn't look quite as rich a brown on the eye as it does in the pan or in the swatch, but it still is quite nice! I could pack on more colour, but this is already on the edge of my comfort zone!
As for the longevity of the shadows, this is what it looks like when I use the cream shadow as a primer.
The cream shadow does make the shadows crease pretty bad, especially in the inner corner! The colours also fade quite substantially when using the cream shadow, though they are more vibrant to begin with.
On the other hand, when not using the cream shadow as a primer these shadows last extremely well for me. At the moment my eye lids are not particularly oily (acne meds doin' their wondrous work there).
After 8 hours they still look vibrant and just as colourful as they did when I applied them. I get similar results with the Urban Decay Naked palettes, but this is a much lower price point and with 100% usable colours for me personally.
These eye shadows last really well with a primer, but not so much without one. They're also quite pigmented with a primer, but not so much without one, so you definitely do need a primer with these types of shadows! In general, I find Korean shadows are much sheerer than western shadows, but this is a plus for me because I don't really like wearing bold shadow looks. I really love that you can build your own palette because you can choose the colours you know you would get the most use out of and you don't get stuck with one or two pans that you never use.

What I Love
- Great price point, each shadow was between $2-3USD
- Easy to use
- Great for travel
- Shadows work well with a primer
- Sheer shades, but buildable 
- Lasts all day on my non-oily lids    

What I Don't Love
- The cream shadow creases badly
- Can be hard to find a good range of shades

Final Thoughts
I am a huge fan of this little build your own palette, though the only shade and type of shadow I wouldn't recommend is the cream shadow! I just find that it makes my shadows crease more  than if I don't use it which is frustrating, I'm used to using the Bobbi Brown Cream Shadows which help my other shadows adhere better and last longer, so it is a little disappointing! It is also quite hard to find the full range of shadows since they aren't sold in as many places as when i first started building this palette in 2013. But, it's a great, inexpensive way to customise your perfect palette, and if you're ok with having slightly sheerer shades to work with these are the shadows for you!

I would definitely recommend this build your own palette for any Princesses looking to customise their own little eye shadow palette!

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