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Review: Jessup Brushes

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Jessup Brush Sets! These are super cheap brushes that are sold on EBay, and they are absolutely perfect for any beginners in make up since you can test out different types of brushes at a cheap cost to see which ones you work best with! The majority of the pictures are a little blue toned, because since the brush tips are white and my photography box is also white you just couldn't see the brush details.

Face Brushes
Brush Length : about 15.5cm
Handle Diameter: about 2cm
Brush hair :Synthetic brush hair
Tapered Face brush 
This is quite an interesting brush to use, I find the brush shape really good for applying foundation, but I don't think this brush in particular is very good. The brushes are super stiff and tend to flick out a lot which makes it difficult to blend foundation. I can also use it for contour since it's the ideal shape to fit under my cheekbones, but it still has the issue of bad blending.

Round Face brush & Angled Face brush
I quite like the round face brush as a brush, but I don't really use the angled face brush all that often. It's ok to use if all of the other ones are dirty, but it's not a brush I reach for often. I think both of these brushes work really well, I don't feel like I need to purchase more expensive versions of either of these other than the fact that these shed really badly and I end up with a couple of brush hairs on my foundation.

Flat Face brush & Flat Angled Face brush
I don't really understand the love for flat face brushes, I find them actually quite hard to use and much prefer the rounder brushes. These brushes are fine though, they also shed pretty badly but it's not the end of the world.

Eye Brushes
Brush Length : about 18.5cm
Handle Diameter: about 1.2cm
Brush hair : Synthetic brush hair

Tapered eye brush
I don't really know what to do with this brush, it's the miniature version of the Tapered Face Brush that I don't like either, and this has the same issue of stiff bristles which makes blending eyeshadows really hard. Not a fan of this one at all.

Round eye brush & Angled eye brush

Again, the same with the face brushes, I quite like these brushes for general eyeshadow application. Both of these brushes are quite soft and it makes it easy to blend the shadows out well. I don't feel like I need to purchase a more expensive version of these brushes at all, though if they came in a set I wouldn't be disappointed!

Flat Angled eye brush & Flat  eye brush

I quite like the flat top eyeshadow brush because it's good for all over shadow application, but I don't really like the flat angled eye brush. I just can't find a use for this brush other than the same use as the rounder angled eye brush so I'm not really sure why you would need both when they seem to have the same purpose. Who knows.

Brushes hair: Synthetic brush  hair
Brushes Length: about  16-19cm 

Face Brushes
Large Powder & Duo Fibre  
The Duo Fibre brush is quite nice, but I find the bristles a little too sparse to be very effective, and it's quite a big brush! I already love my MAC Duo Fibre brush so it is a tough comparison, but it's not an awful brush. The Large Powder Brush is a little too large to be practical, I find that the bristles are too long, I prefer my powder brushes to me a little shorter in length because it means they're more dense and tend to pack powder on rather than kind of flicking it around like this one does. It's not awful, but it's not my favourite.

 Large Angled Contour & Foundation 
I adore the large angled contour brush, but I don't use it for contour, I find that it's the perfect little blush applicator! There is nothing I don't like about this brush, though I probably would purchase a more expensive version because I use it so much! As for the foundation brush, I really don't use this one because I personally don't like using paddle foundation brushes. It seems like a fine brush, but I just don't like using this specific type of brush.

Eye/Small Brushes
 Concealer  & Large Shader
I don't really use either of these brushes, when I had acne I really didn't see the point in concealing them because since they are bumpy you will just see the texture anyway and I didn't care if people knew I had acne, nowadays I don't have that many scars left to conceal, and when I do I prefer to use my fingers rather than a concealer brush. The large shader brush is handy for me to do swatches for blog reviews, but other than that I don't use this one either. 

Eyeliner, Smudger, Angled Liner
I adore all three of these brushes. You can see that the angled liner is filthy, and that is because I use it for brow gel! After a while the brow gel just stained the white tips brown (which I don't mind) because I literally use it everyday. It's a great brush! The liner brush get's used for my under eye eyeliner (which again, is why it's stained a little brown) and it works well, though I wish the bristles were shorter because it flicks a little too much for my liking. The smudger is a great tool when I want a softer under-eye eyeliner and it works perfectly. These are my favourite three brushes!

Tapered Blending, Small Angled shading  & Eye Shading
These are my least favourite three brushes, just for the general reason that I don't use these. The tapered blending brush is so long that it just flicks my eyeshadow away rather than blending it well, the small angled shading brush is just not something I need, and though I like eye shading brushes and find them useful, this one is just so fluffy and big, it's as big as my eyelid! Not a fan of these three.

What I Love
- Super inexpensive at around $1.50USD each
- Huge range of brushes
- Some great quality brushes

What I Don't Love
- Some brushes I personally find useless (personal preference)
- Some brushes are average quality
- Kabuki face brushes shed badly

Final Thoughts
Although I don't regret buying all of these brushes, I now know what type of brushes that I won't repurchase because I don't need them or use them. I don't really think anyone needs five different types of face kabuki brushes, but grabbing five for such a cheap price gives you the chance to find out what works for the way you apply my make up without buying a $20-30 single brush and then finding out that you hate that type of brush. I've had my brushes for about 4 years now and they're still going strong, so they're great for beginners, but they won't break down within a couple of months to a year which is great if you're on a super tight budget.

I would recommend these brushes for any Princesses that are just beginning their make up journey and would like to experiment with different types of brushes without breaking the bank. ^ ^

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  1. Have you tried using a Real Techniques foundation sponge or a Beauty Blender to apply your foundation? Once I tried a good foundation sponge I got rid of all my foundation brushes!

    1. Yes! I have almost the complete collection of RT brushes which I quite like, though I've never tried the sponge because I've used a beauty blender since I started blogging. I can't not repurchase my BB, I cannot live life without it!


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