Monday, 21 March 2016

Store Review: KLensPop

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the circle lens website KLensPop! I really wanted to try some Acuvue lenses and KLensPop seemed like the easiest place to purchase them!

Website Practicality
This website is quite aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. It's easy to filter through options to find your ideal lens, though you can't filter by time period, so I had to search for daily lenses. I found it easy to create a login, fill my cart and check out.

Price Comparison
I chose to compare 5 pairs of the lenses since that's what KLensPop offered. I've heard great things about Acuvue lenses, but also awful things about the pair I wanted to try due to the 8.5 base curve, so I thought ordering less would be prudent in this case! If I like the lenses, Eyescandy offers a better deal, but 15 pairs rather than 5.

Acuvue 1Day New Define Natural Shine - $15 + Shipping - $5.50 = $20.50 

Acuvue 1Day New Define Natural Shine - $14.66 (Free shipping)

Acuvue 1Day New Define Natural Shine - $12.36 + Shipping - $5.00 = $17.36    
Shipping and Packaging
I made my purchase on the 27th of January and my order was shipped on the28th and arrived on the 13th of February. The cardboard box looked quite nice and clean, though I was confused as to why they chose to put bubble wrap at the bottom of the box rather than actually around the lens boxes. 

I'm also very uncomfortable that they have repackaged the Acuvue lenses into their own KLensPop branded boxes. It makes me feel weird because they've taken the proper storage of the lenses away from me, taken Acuvue's branding away and just generally touched and unsealed my purchase which I don't think is acceptable at all. This way I don't know if these lenses are mixed and matched from different boxes, if they have the same expiry date even. I'm thankful they're all the right power and colour, but it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable to receive my lenses repackaged.

The lenses don't actually have the same manufacturing date, the Power -0.75 lenses have an expiry date of 01/2019 while the Power -1.25 have an expiry date of 01/2020. I think that is really poor in terms of effort. 

Products Purchased
Acuvue 1Day Define Natural Shine
The lenses look nice, but I have yet to try them since I am so irritated about the repackaging still. It really does grind my gears not to get a virgin packet of lenses that I'm going to poke into my eyeballs for extended periods of time.

Final Thoughts
Awful. I have actually had previous experiences with KLensPop before where they sent me two pairs of lenses to review, and both pairs were printed incorrectly (one was flipped inside out, the other askew) and when I pointed out that both pairs were faulty they asked me not to review them and that they would send me an identical pair to review that wasn't faulty. I held up my end of that deal and didn't review the lenses, but they never sent me a new pair which left a sour taste in my mouth. 

A year on, I'm still thoroughly unimpressed by their store. I find the repackaging of a standard brand name lens into their own packaging really awful, they're robbing Acuvue of their branding that they spent money on and giving me an awful looking paper case that doesn't even store the lenses nicely. Since these are dailies I will have to store these somehow for the next 3 months while I use them up which is also annoying. They also sent me boxes that expire within a year of eachother, meaning that if I was in fact going to take 3 years to wear these lenses then I could only use them in one eye since one power expires in 2019 and one expires in 2020.

Would I shop with KLensPop again? Not if I can help it.

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  1. Wow, that's terrible that they re-packaged the lenses! I wouldn't want to even put them near my eyes if I knew that they had potentially been tampered with! What a bummer.


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