Sunday, 6 March 2016

Provided for Review: W.Lab Honey Beam Cushion in #21

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the W. Lab W-Honey Beam Cushion! This product was kindly provided for review by Q-Depot which is a Korean Cosmetic and Skincare website.
W. Lab W-Honey Beam Cushion is a popular Korean makeup product, which contains honey to provide enough moisture and glow to your skin. It has a strong power of covering blemishes and gives you a flawless finish. One touch will give you a moisturized and glowing skin. It comes with SPF50m PA++ to protect from sun. 

- Island honey extract (more than 38%) + Manuka honey contained.
- Moisture makeup that is not flaky.
- Strong coverage and bright skin color is presented.
- Special patented macaron unique cushion of W. Lab.
- Triple function is reported to Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
(UV protection SPF 50+/PA+++, whitening, anti-wrinkle)
The box packaging for this product is really cute, but not the most informative for me since it's all in Korean. I found it very odd that the cushion case actually comes enclosed in a foil wrapper, something I've never really encountered before!

This Cushion comes in the standard case, but I really enjoy the irritated looking bee girl on the front. This is my standard morning face. The cushion case is functional and aesthetically pleasing! If you don't enjoy the peeved looking bee girl you could always decorate it yourself! 

There is a large mirror inside, and of course a hygiene sticker. I found that the product was actually pooled to one side of the cushion, but there is a ton of product in there which is a good thing considering it is almost $30USD. 

The product is quite thin in texture and easy to spread. The colour is actually quite orange, but somehow works with my skin for some odd reason, usually my skin looks best with very yellow toned products, but I guess that I must have gotten a tan while on a working holiday on the East Coast. 

I don't usually like the plastic-y type of puff that comes with this Cushion, but it works fine, although it needs to be cleaned pretty regularly. I also quite like applying this cushion with a damp sponge because it sheers the product out a little.
I find this cushion quite easy to apply, though I do find that I need to blend it perfectly to start with, rather than being able to go back and blend certain spots later. It tends to get chunky around my hairline which is annoying, but it's not the end of the world. It doesn't do fantastically on my eyelids where I had a little flare up of eczema, as well as around my jawline where I have some more eczema and a couple of spots.
The funniest thing about this cushion is that it looks better after 2 hours than it does freshly applied. Freshly applied it looks a little off in colour, and slightly too matte to look natural. After 2 hours it looks so much nicer, it's slightly dewy (though not greasy) and looks like a perfect colour match. Even after 6 hours of wear during the summer heat it still looks nice, though if I've been sweating from the heat I will need to blot of course. It's not a miracle product!
I took this cushion with me on a 2 week working holiday on the East Coast (during 25-30°C weather) as my only base product so I would have enough time to write up a thorough review. I found that it was mess free, easy to use quickly and lasted through the heat of an orchestral pit during the summer. I'm happy with how this lasts on my skin, it does look shiny around my nose, but it's still doing a pretty good job!

What I Love
- Cute packaging
- Reasonable price point at $30USD
- The shade matches my summer skin well
- After 2 hours it looks natural and gorgeous on the skin
- Easy to apply and great for travel  

What I Don't Love
- Puff is plastic-y and needs to be washed every use
- Must be blended well as soon as it's applied (no re-blending or it'll pill)
- Takes about 2 hours to "warm up" to my skin

Final Thoughts
I'm really surprised at how much I like this cushion! I did not have high hopes for it since I have never tried any W.Lab products, and I doubted that the #21 shade would be a good shade for my skin, but I'm actually quite pleased with how it turned out! I wish that it was a little easier to blend after application because I keep finding little spots that aren't blended in right and it's hard to fix them once the product has dried down, and the puff isn't the nicest, but it still looks magical on my skin and I will use it until I run out of it.

I would definitely recommend this cushion for any Princesses who are around NC15 in skintone, who are looking for a quick and easy way to apply their base product and want gorgeous, natural dewy skin after about 2 hours.

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  1. You get eczema on your eyelids too? I do as well and it's so annoying! I also get it around my upper lip a lot, which is even worse because I swear it's contributed to the fine lines around my upper lip, which makes lip colours feather terribly.

    I love the picture on this compact!

    1. Yeah it's so weird! I get a little around my lower jaw is well, but no where else on my body ><

  2. Thanks for your honest and interesting review. You looks pretty with cushion :). Anyone around have any concerns about this product or Korean cosmetics in general, we are happy to assist!


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