Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Review: Etude House Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lipstick

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lipstick in the Version 2 packaging! If you like the look of these lipsticks you can still purchase them in the original version 1 pink packaging, however the white version 2 packaging is pretty much all sold out, but don't worry, the pink packaging contains the same lipstick anyway! ^ ^

This perfumed smooth lipstick delivers a surge of moisture and a soft shimmering flush, giving your lips a gorgeous look.

The packaging of these lipsticks is totally adorable of course, but the base of the lipstick is actually too big to fit into an acrylic lipstick storage box which is a little frustrating.

The lipstick bullets actually have the Etoinette logo pressed into them, and smell heavily of roses. They actually taste a little soapy if you lick your lips, but I just try not to do that.
As usual for Etude House, these lipsticks are glittery. I'm really happy that the Beige shade has the least amount of glitter and that the red has the most since I have plenty of matte/glossy red shades already.

Warm Beige with slight silver shimmer
This shade looks fairly boring in the tube, just your normal nude, beige colour. But the swatch looks quite cute, a beige shade that's nice and natural! Not foundation lips, but also not Kylie Jenner brown (thank god).
I really like this shade on my lips, it's the perfect nude for my skin tone and since it's sheer it actually works better and doesn't look so fake.
Vibrant berry pink with fuchsia glitter
This shade looks quite intimidating in the tube, it seems to have a lot of fuchsia glitter (and I don't like glittery lipstick) but the swatch shows that there is less glitter in the tube than you think.
This is such a gorgeous berry tone on the lips, one swipe will give you a tint of colour, while 2 swipes will give you a nice even, but sheer colour.
This one is the hardest to keep on my lips, you can already see it rubbing off the centre of my lips here, but it doesn't look awful while it's wearing off.
Bright Shimmering Red with red glitter
This one looks pretty plain in the tube, but lovely and shimmery on the swatch!
This is such a gorgeous red shade, it's not a blue toned red, but it is quite wearable for me which I love!
I don't use a lip liner with this shade and from this close it does look a little wonky, but in real life you really can't tell!
 The glitteris quite subtle on the lip!

I quite like the shade range, though I personally wish the pink was a little lighter. I'm so happy with the colour of the beige shade, it's just the perfect shade for my skin tone and the red is a perfectly wearable shade for me.
The longevity of these lipsticks isn't bad, though they won't last through eating or drinking anything at all. They are a sheer formula, and since the name is Crystal Shine I don't expect them to last that long. I find that I need to reapply every 2 hours, but since I reapply often I also don't need to layer in a lip balm since these are quite moisturising themselves. I'm happy to trade off having to reapply more often with a higher moisture level since I have dry prune lips.

What I Love
- Ridiculously adorable packaging
- Great shade range
- Beige shade is perfect for my skin tone
- The pink packaging version is very affordable
- Quite moisturising for dry lips

What I Don't Love
- White packaging is sold out :C

Final Thoughts
I really adore these lipsticks! I think they have a lovely formula, especially when you have dry lips, and all three shades work really well for my skin. The packaging is amazingly adorable, and though they don't fit into a traditional lipstick holder, I think these are cute enough to be displayed outside of a lipstick holder anyway!

I would definitely recommend these lipsticks for any Princesses that are looking for sheerer lipsticks that work really well with dry lips in three beautiful colours!

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  1. It must feel so good finally having the set, especially after all the online hunting it took!

  2. These are so gorgeous and I regret not getting my hands on any of them! I did own one of the pink ones but I have always thought that it's a fake version of it haha, cause the logo in the front was upside down.

    1. Oh no! The logo could have been put on upside down, but it maaaay be a fake ><

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