Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Review - 3CE Lip Pigment; Bright Orange

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about an interesting little product from 3 Concept Eyes. This is my first experience with a lip pigment like this, and I can honestly say that I really love some aspects of this pigment, and quite dislike some other aspects! This product was kindly sponsored by Skinlosophy! ^.^
The 3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment costs $15AUD from Skinlosophy and comes housed in a little cardboard box with only Korean instructions. Admittedly, I did have to Google instructions on how to use this products because when I first squeezed some product out of the little tube it was really watery and confusing!
This product has sturdy packaging which is great for travel or storage in a handbag. The tip cover screws on, and the rest of the product is housed in a soft plastic tube. It won't break or spill, even if your bag gets squished! 
3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment is a multitasking product that can work as a lipstick and a blush.

With a creamy formulation, the product blends seamlessly into lips and skin for an opaque or sheer finish.

Blend this lip pigment with other shades for original, flattering colours to suit your individuality and style.

The product itself is thick and super pigmented, you need very little for cheeks or lips, but the coverage and colour are easily buildable from a soft peach to vibrant orange. This product works as both a blush and a lip colour which I absolutely love! As I've said many times, I love double duty products because it helps me narrow down the massive list of products I usually take with me when I travel, and saves on storage space!
It's very easy to use this product as a blush, but do remember to work quickly as the product dries quite fast! I use my fingers to create a subtle peach cheek, but it's also easy to apply this product with a sponge (for sheerer coverage) or brush (for a vibrant finish). If like me, you use a translucent powder over the top of the pigment, be aware that it will blend and sheer the product out, so you may want to apply a little more than you think is perfect to counter this effect.
The Lip Pigment looks absolutely gorgeous as a lip tint, with one light layer of pigment giving me a sheer, matte, peachy pink lip, and two layers a more vibrant orange. It doesn't wear too well (especially when eating oily food) so I did have to touch up my lip colour after eating, but was pleasant to wear otherwise, not drying out my lips or being too sticky and goopy!

What I Love
- Well priced ($15AUD)
- You can buy a white mixer colour
- You can mix colours easily
- Non drying, good for dry lips

What I Don't Love
- Product is quite messy to apply (especially for touch ups)
- Doesn't wear well during eating or drinking
- Dries fast, so needs to be blended quickly
Final Thoughts
I really like this Lip Pigment! Initially I was quite cautious of the bright orange appearance straight out of the tube, but when blended out it becomes a gorgeous, wearable peach. I love that it can be built up to a brighter colour, this makes it really easy to make a cute gradient on the lips, but re-application of the product while out and about is quite taxing and messy. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to create cute custom coloured lip or cheek colours with ease! ^.^

You can purchase the 3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment in Bright Orange from Skinlosophy for $15AUD here!

Thanks to Skinlosophy for sponsoring this product! ^.^


  1. The lip pigments look lovely! I really like the color :)
    Now I wanna try this product, too!

  2. The colour is so nice! I'm a sucker for peachy shades like this.

    1. It's a gorgeous, wearable colour! Perfect for cheeks and lips ;)

  3. I love the color, it suits you really well. I wanted to try the lippigments for long time, but I never really got a chance.

    1. Thank you! ^.^ I definitely recommend them if you can get your hands on them!

  4. I love your braided hair style!

  5. Im glad you reviewed this product! I kinda want to try them but the bright colour of the bottle was scaring me a bit. It looks lovely! :) xx

    1. Yep the brightness of the packaging and the initial swatch are incredibly bright, but it's much more like a peach when it's applied! ^.^

  6. I love 3CE products, and I love how cheap they are!

    Tegan | Beauty Challenged

    1. Absolutely! You definitely can't go past good, inexpensive products! (:


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