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Store Review - Skinlosophy

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about a fairly new Asian Beauty store from Australia called Skinlosophy! As most of you know, I live in New Zealand, and we only have a couple of stores that physically sell Asian Beauty products. These stores are all in one mall, in one city, in the entire country, and I don't live in that city. -.- We also have one online store called Hikosencara, and these stores sell the "mainstream" or "marketable" cosmetics and skincare like Missha, Etude House and TonyMoly. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the mainstream brands, but there is so much more out there in terms of Asian Beauty and Skincare, and Skinlosophy fills a little of that gap with brands like 3CE, BanillaCo, Iope, Nature Republic and Sulawasho, so I was incredibly excited when Skinlosophy reached out to me to send me some Korean beauty goodies! ^.^

Website Practicality
I find the website design aesthetically pleasing, it's very clean and fresh looking! I love that there is a very obvious search bar (sometimes they get a little hidden with busy backgrounds) and that you can browse through brands, types of products (lip products, face products etc) or price range.

It's easy to create a login, sign in, add products to your cart and check out. I really like that every product has a description, ingredients list (great for people with allergies or sensitive skin) and pictures of the products.

Price Comparison
This is a little difficult because Skinlosophy is in AUD while Hikosencara is in NZD and Roseroseshop is in USD. I've converted them all into NZD but since the AUD is so low in comparison to USD this could change by a couple of dollars!

Skinlosophy - Kiss Kiss Patch $3.21 + Shipping $10.71 = $13.92
Hikosencara - Kiss Kiss Patch $4.00 + Shipping $3.50 = $7.50
RoseRoseShop - Kiss Kiss Patch $2.09 + Shipping $4.78 = $6.87

All of the prices are relatively similar for the products, but you can see that the shipping is where the difference in pricing really lies.

Shipping and Packaging
My package arrived after six working days, and came in a standard little box. All of my items were securely bubble wrapped and nothing was broken!

Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Pack is a wash off type essence pack with very soft texture.

It forms very fine lather like genuine mousse, helping remove excess sebum and impurities without leading to tight sensation in addition to the functions of whitening, moisturizing and nourishing. 

The contained protein and vitelline extracted mainly from eggs are great skin moisturizers to refine your skin and make the skin shine with radiance.

Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack will turn your skin to become as smooth as the eggs surface. This is for all skin types, to use day and night.
When I saw the packaging for this product I was really intrigued! Eggs are supposed to be amazing for controlling pore size, but the smell of egg whites makes me want to vomit (literally, unfortunately) so I've never really been able to try out an egg white mask properly. The second I pumped out some of the product I was overcome by giggles. It has the exact same texture and feel as shaving cream! Don't worry if like me you can't stand the smell of raw egg whites because this product smells like lovely flowers.
I can't comment on the claim that it will whiten your skin, but it definitely made my skin feel a lot more moisturized! I used this mask at night, and in the morning my skin was quite oily and shiny but still moisturized, so I'm not sure if I would use this mask in the morning if it makes my skin produce excess oil.

I find the appearance of the mask quite hilarious, and it feels really funny to use! It pumps out a thick velvety foam that you massage it into your skin. Leave it to sink in and you will feel the mask bubbling a little bit while the foam deflates. Look out for a full review in a couple of weeks! ^.^

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact is an oil controlling pressed powder encased in a cute green packaging.

Formulated with nourishing Jeju natural minerals and mint extracts, this powder takes away shine from your face to leave you with fresh looking skin.

This powder pact is translucent in colour, making it perfect for every skin tone.
This powder compact has the most beautiful embossed leaf pattern around the edge of the powder. It's super compact, so great to keep in your handbag for touch ups and comes with a plastic separator to keep the puff from sitting in the product! The powder isn't too finely milled, so you do need to make sure that you press it into your skin quite well, otherwise it tends to look a little cakey. I find this product does a great job of setting my makeup and helping it stay matte throughout the day.

3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment is a multitasking product that can work as a lipstick and a blush.

With a creamy formulation, the product blends seamlessly into lips and skin for an opaque or sheer finish.

Blend this lip pigment with other shades for original, flattering colours to suit your individuality and style.
This product is quite small and great for traveling since the lid screws on securely! You guys all know that double duty products own my heart, and since this product doubles as a lip and cheek product in a really flattering colour, I am so sold! I also really love that you can buy other colours to mix your perfect shade as well as a white mixer to create lighter shades. This product isn't nearly as bright orange as it looks out of the tube, but more like a salmon orange that's really flattering on my pale warm skin. It's also quite forgiving on dry and deep wrinkled lips, so I am a happy girl!
What I Love
- Well priced products
- Fast and secure shipping
- Easy to navigate website
- Good selection of Korean Beauty products that are hard to find in New Zealand stores

What I Don't Love
- Moderately expensive shipping

Final Thoughts
I really enjoyed my shopping experience with Skinlosophy! The products are well priced, the shipping was quick, nothing was broken and the website is really pleasant to navigate! I would definitely recommend Skinlosophy to New Zealand and Australian residents because the products will get to you a lot faster (6 day wait in comparison to a 26 day wait) which always makes me feel a lot more satisfied! Plus for all my Australian beauties, Skinlosophy offers free shipping on orders over $99 (and I'm sure the shipping is even quicker for you too!). ^.^

Do your local malls stock Asian Beauty Products?

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  1. Thank you for the store review -^^- I love that pic on you smiley in the egg mousse pack :p


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