Friday, 6 February 2015

First Impression - LUSH Toothy Tabs

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about LUSH's Toothy Tabs! There are currently trending on Makeup Obsessives (but to be honest by the time this is posted it's most likely old news) and the claim is that these little pill sized toothpaste tabs give you whiter teeth!
 What Does It Do?

Give your mouth a blast of freshness before a night (or day) of Dirty fun. These innovative, revolutionary tooth cleansing tabs will clean your teeth and leave your mouth minty fresh. Helen Ambrosen worked incredibly hard to create our new solid toothpaste and she's made us proud; Dirty is made with spearmint to freshen your breath and foaming agents to scrub your pearly whites clean in the morning. (1)


Wasabi has a powerful antibacterial action. It also hits your mouth with a refreshing blast of spice that makes your mouth feel completely clean. As Simon says, “It will blow your *ocks off.” (He meant socks.) (1)

How to use:
1. Pop a Toothy Tab into your mouth.
2. Crunch it up.
3. Start brushing with a wet toothbrush.
4. Brush your toofy pegs with the foam.
5. Do it for a good 3 minutes to get them extra clean.
6. Rinse your mouth out.
7. Et voila. Clean gnashers, a big cheesy grin and fresh breath

I didn't really want to take photo's of me brushing my teeth (weird) but basically what happens is you have to chew the pill and then brush your teeth with the crumbs. If the thought of chewing up pills makes you gag, or you don't like feeling weird textures in your mouth, I wouldn't recommend trying this product. I didn't think I would have a problem but holy moly I almost threw up the first time I used these little magical tabs. 

Likewise with the smell, if you don't think Wasabi/Lavender is going to be delicious for your mouth, or if you smell it and gag a little, DON'T PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH. Learn from my mistakes. I couldn't stop gagging when I used the Ultrablast Toothy Tab. The awful combination of of the crumbled up pill texture and the smell of wasabi and lavender just did not do it for me and I had to rinse my mouth out with strong mouthwash like 5 times. Gross.

On the positive side, the Dirty Toothy Tabs worked well, (once I got over the gross texture) because they just taste like spearmint toothpaste. They didn't whiten my teeth (nor do they claim to). They get my teeth clean and are highly portable, I think you could even take these on a plane if you wanted to! ^.^

Would I Purchase This Product?
Absolutely not the Ultrablast flavour unless I wanted to throw up morning and night! The Dirty flavour only gets a maybe because it's just not pleasant for me to use because of the texture. I love that they are teeny tiny and super portable, perfect for camping or traveling because you only need a teeny bit of water to get a good clean, but the texture just kills me.

Have you tried LUSH's Toothy Tabs?


  1. Ha! So glad to hear your thoughts. These sound so useful and are theoretically a great idea, but sound pretty gross. I travel a lot so I love buying Lush's dry facial cleansers and solid shampoos/conditioners and bringing those around, but I've really hesitated trying the toothy tabs.

    Beauty Loon

    1. Oh man Lush's solid shampoo bars have been a lifesaver for me while traveling (so small and lightweight but lasts forever!) but the toothy tabs are just not for me I think. My sister loves them though, so get your local store to give you a couple to try out perhaps! (:

  2. I don't understand the whole toothy tabs craze, am I missing out something? Hahah, I have tried it before it all became so well known and it's not the smell that I can't stand, it's the foamy texture >.< felt like I was chewing soaps!

    1. Urgh it was everywhere on Makeup Obsessives for a little while, a lot of girls thought that the tabs whitened teeth so of course everyone went crazy for them! Yep, it definitely feels like chewing soap and I definitely want to vomit :S

  3. I am curious to try The Dirty ones, they might be handy when traveling! I wouldn´t even give the others a try as I hate wasabi soo much! :S

    1. They would be incredibly handy when traveling, however watch out for spilt liquids as they will dissolve!


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