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Store Review - Syndrome

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about a super cute store called Syndrome! I made a purchase from this store last year (yep, I buy a lot of stuff) because I really wanted to try a lighter coloured wig. I always wanted to have blonde hair as a child, but because my hair is really dark brown (not black) it's incredibly difficult to maintain a light colour without having to spend a lot of money and time to touch up your roots ever couple of months.
Website Practicality
I made my purchase through Storenvy which is a website that I love to shop on! It's super safe, it tracks your purchases, you can create massive wish lists, watch stores and search through all of the stores to find a certain product. The Syndrome Store is incredibly aesthetically pleasing, easy to browse through by types of clothing and accessories, but the search bar is pretty hidden down the very bottom of the page.
Price Comparison
There are massive price differences between quality wigs (around $50USD) and super cheap wigs (off Ebay for about $5USD) but I since I'm new to wearing wigs I didn't want to try my luck out with Ebay wig and decided to try out the middle ranged wigs.

Syndrome Wig - $34.50 + Shipping $0.00 = $34.50
Insomnia Wig - $30.00 + Shipping $10.00 = $40.00
Bodyline Wig - $20.00 + Shipping $22.00 = $42.00

I'm not sure if Syndrome is offering free shipping because of Chinese New Year, but hey, free shipping! It was quite difficult finding similar looking wigs let alone identical wigs!

Shipping and Packaging
My purchase took the standard three weeks to arrive from China and was wrapped well in plastic wrap. The wig was stored in a plastic zip lock baggie and in a light net to stop it from getting tangled. Syndrome does not provide free wig caps, so I bought one from Ebay for $1. Nothing was harmed during transit.

Finding a photo of this wig proved to be a little difficult since Syndrome no longer stocks it, but I found a photo lurking on Google Images. 
The first thing I noticed when opening the wig was that the colour was slightly off. On the original listing there were "real life photos" which showed the wig to be more of an ashy blonde, the above photo looks like a brown blonde and my wig looks more like a strawberry blonde.
It also shed a lot of hair when I picked it up. I wasn't running my fingers through it or brushing it either, it just shed clumps of hair.
The structure of the wig irritates me a lot. There is about 1/3 fringe and 2/3 long hair - barely. Either my head is super huge (a possibility for sure) or this wig is just cut weird because it's really hard to position the wig right to cover up the side hairs. Lets not even talk about how bald it looks on the top! No matter how I part it, this top section just looks wrong and a lot like a wig. The wig looks great with a hat or beanie, but in the 28 degree Celsius weather that I'm taking photos in, a beanie over a wig is the last thing I want to wear.
In all honesty, I'm not a fan of the colour of this wig unless I've colour corrected it (like below). It's just too strawberry and warm toned for my liking, not to mention that I need to wear a hat and pin the fringe to make it look legit.
What I Love
- Super cute selection of clothes and accessories
- Good selection of wigs
- Well priced (for the most part)

What I Don't Love
- Wig colour is quite different
- Wig structure and quality isn't fantastic

Final Thoughts
I feel incredibly under qualified to review and talk about wigs, so I will leave the comment section open to debate about the wigs quality! I actually enjoyed shopping with Syndrome and I would recommend the store for well priced clothes and accessories (I can't comment on the quality though!). I don't really like the colour and cut of this wig, but I really want to try and find a cute pastel pink or lavender wig in the future anyway! I'm also totally keen for these Sailor Moon sweaters from Syndrome though - how cute are they!!


  1. to be honest, that's waaay~ too expensive for those wigs D:
    the price should be around 20-30$, and you can get the same wigs for much cheaper (under 10$) at Taobao as well. I find many Storenvy shops to be really overpriced, even if they have a great selection sometimes it's really worth it to search for the same product on other stores ^^

    1. Ooh I never even considered Taobao for wigs, I've never ordered from them before because it seems to complex haha. I definitely agree with you on the overpriced Storenvy opinion - It's great to look and find cute things, but with a little more digging you can always save a couple of dollars by going with a different store! ^.^

  2. Awww, it seems to be a pretty low quality wig, to be honest! I'm sorry that it didn't turn out well :( Even though you say you're underqualified to comment on it, think you've highlighted all the parts that make a wig not-so-good (different color, bald, doesn't fit/look right for some reason, lost a lot of hair, etc.) The fibers and scalp (I don't know what to call it!) look a bit off, too. Such a shame! :( I think you might even have better luck just ordering from Ebay next time ^^ And I think you would look fantastic as a cool-toned blonde!

    1. Aw thank you Airi! ^.^ It's always nice to have an opinion backed up by someone who is more of an expert on the subject matter hehe ;) I think I might have dig around on Ebay to be honest - if the wig turns out awful at least I've only wasted $10 instead of $30!

    2. Yes, I totally recommend Ebay! (Check top-rated sellers and reviews!) Although I would recommend you buy from the $15-25 range; that has a good chance of being pretty good (although blonde wigs almost always look fake under the light.) But $10 might be too risky of a price range, I think!

    3. Off to Ebay I go! :D Yeah, blonde always seems so difficult to photograph too, so more chance of it coming out a different colour in real life. I'm totally keen for a pastel pink or purple one!

  3. In my opinion, never ever buys wigs off online stores like Syndrome and Insomnia, I haven't had wig experiences with Syndrome so I can't speak my own experience, I had purchased a wig from Insomnia, looks super natural and real, totally kawaii in the promo pic, but when I received it I was VERY VERY disappointed, I end up throwing it out, it looked a bit more worst than the one you have. I did several purchases of wigs from Gothic Lolita Wigs in the past, their pricing aren't too impressive, but their qualities are. I had one I wore to a long sweaty night of concert, have had it for over a year, used a lot of hair styling products on it, and it still in perfect shape.

    1. I did look at Gothic Lolita Wigs but considered them to be too expensive for a first time wig purchaser! I'm kind of glad to hear that you also had a not so great experience with storenvy stores too, so mines not just a dud!

    2. I also was going to recommend Gothic Lolita Wigs! Every wig I've bought from them has looked pretty much perfect right out of the bag.

    3. In terms of wigs...everyone buy a wig you can wash or flat iron, even if it is just for costume play. Why? Because you can easily make your own wig of such crappy texture. Those wigs are good for little mermaid costumes on your 12 year old or younger. Getting a yak hair, or other animal hair wig is not "animal abuse" (normally horses and yaks are shaved or cut isn't like an animal skin blanket or something) you can also get yak hair laced with synthetic stuff, it is cheaper and you can't put a flat iron to it (sometimes) but it would be a good "first time buying" especially if you are a teenager. I'm not a parent, but I'd advise all of you to be super careful with on-line shopping. This is my first scam experience, but just because all the reviews are "good"...doesn't mean anything. People can easily make accounts to write reviews people will just glance at. Ebay had to recreate their entire website because of this. Stay cute and kawaii!

  4. Okay I ordered from this website and cannot find anywhere to review it but i ordered on april 4th of 2017 and today being may 16th i still haven't received it. they refunded me 5 dollars and keep saying "its coming" but i really just want my money back, considering it is past their refund policy? Honestly. I think this store is a scam, and only sends to people with blogs so other people spend their money and then delete all the negative comments.

    I have been in back and forth e-mail with her, and have trusted her up until recently when I asked "will i receive a refund if it never comes because you said it would be late" considering the legal laws surrounding it, yes i am fine. It isn't about the money, it is about the whole morality of it. Besides, everything on the site is way over priced. Half of it is 20 dollars more than necessary. Half of it is on or Alibaba. You can buy the shoes in can get like 800 for 4,000 (in a smaller perspective that is $5 per pair of shoe...or the 20 pairs for 160$.

    1. Hey! I can understand your frustration, but I bought this with my own money not using any emails or titles that would relate my purchasing of the wig to this blog, so as an average consumer. I understand your reservations about the price, but that's really just the price of running a store as a profit, I certainly don't want to purchase 800 pairs of shoes but unless I buy in bulk I won't get them for that price.


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