Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Review - The Body Shop Vitamin E Range

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about The Body Shop's Vitamin E range! I obviously don't have all of the range, but only a select few products that I've purchased full size! The packing is the cutest, pastel pink colour and everything smells amazing, (sort of like baby wipes smell almost), which is what initially attracted me to try this range!
 The first product that I have is the Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes!
These wipes are supposed to remove makeup, cleanse, and tone the skin. I prefer not to remove eye makeup with these because I don't find them nearly as effective as my regular oil cleansers, but I do quite like them for removing face makeup! I try to cleanse my face after using these wipes anyway because my skin breaks out if I don't, but these are great for taking makeup off in a hurry, or late at night when you can't be bothered!

This cleanser is amazing for a thorough yet gentle cleanse. It has the most pleasing pastel pink colour, foams slightly and leaves my face feeling clean and moisturized.

This moisture mask is absolutely adorable and amazing for moisturizing skin! Depending on how dry my skin is depends on how I use this mask. If my skin is super dry and sad, I'll pop a thin layer of this mask on my face and sleep with it over night. This leaves my skin feeling super soft (albeit greasy) in the morning. Otherwise, I'll use a slightly thicker layer of this mask for 20mins, wipe off the excess and massage the remainder into my skin! ^.^
Vitamin E Facial Oil
I was incredibly underwhelmed by this facial oil since I am a Rosehip Oil fanatic. This Vitamin E Oil provides a small amount of moisture and nourishment without leaving your face feeling greasy and oily, however it's not quite as nourishing as what I'm used to from Rosehip Oil! The dropper also only picks up a small amount, which is a little irritating.
 What I Love
- Well priced
- Cute packaging
- Lovely scent
- Products work really well

What I Don't Love
- The facial oil isn't my favourite!

Final Thoughts
I really enjoyed using this range of skincare and will definitely be repurchasing everything apart from the Facial Oil, just because I really prefer the Rosehip Oil! Everything smells amazing, the packaging is pink, the price point is fair. What else could you need! ^.^

Have you tried the Body Shop Vitamin E range? 


  1. I love the Vitamin E eye cream and the face mist! Both reboot my skin and like you mentioned, they smell amazing. Must try the face wash!! :) xx

    1. Ooh I might try the face mist then if you recommend it! ;)


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