Friday, 26 September 2014

First Impression: Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Foundation - B20

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my First Impression of the Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Foundation in B20! I'm not sure why I was given B20 when they actually make a B10 shade (maybe NZ doesn't stock it) but I was given this shade last year! >< The jar was quite small so I only got 2 wears out of it and then lost the pottle for a while. But now I've found it so I'll tell you what I think of it! ^.^

What Is It?
"Yves Saint Laurent presents a revolution in foundation: Youth Liberator Serum Foundation offers medium-to-full coverage and skin-firming benefits. It also offers 24-hour hydration and SPF 20 coverage.
This anti-aging foundation is infused with our award winning serum, Forever Youth Liberator Serum. Youth Liberator Serum Foundation combines 24 hours of nonstop hydrating properties to smooth and nourish the skin with our patented Color Tune-Up Complex to correct dullness giving you a newer, brighter complexion. From fair to dark complexions, Youth Liberator Serum Foundation corrects, unifies and evens all skin tones, giving the skin an instantly younger appearance.

Available in 10 universal shades. SPF 20 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection." (1)

The shade B20 is a little dark for my skin tone unfortunately, it does blend and sheer out to be workable, but it's not the best colour. It provides a great medium coverage and covers pores and minor scars quite well as you can see in the comparison photos! It doesn't have the best oil controlling capabilities, so I would need to blot my face after around 5 hours of wear.

This foundation is infused with the amazing Youth Liberator Serum (that I cannot afford) and it honestly made my skin feel amazing while I was wearing it, and also after I took it off. I love wearing makeup products that make my skin feel better instead of just camouflaging my terrible skin! It also smells amazing which is a total plus!
This photo shows the colour difference a little more, my chest is the same colour as the rest of my body (yes, including my arms and legs!) so it obviously looks really weird to just have my face a different colour to the rest of my body. And no, I'm not interesting in fake tanning or bronzing my entire body to match my face.
Would I Purchase This Product?
Maybe in the lighter colour if I had the chance to try it! B10 looks like it's a touch lighter and yellower than the B20 so it could potentially be ideal! It's an amazing and expensive foundation, but I would be able to justify the price because it has the serum infused in the foundation and it makes my skin look and feel lovely! ^.^

Have you Princesses tried this foundation before? What were your thoughts?  


  1. Hmm, its not a bad color, but yea, doesn't suit your skin tone.
    I'm also pretty pale, but I like the warmth of a slightly darker foundation. If I walk around with my natural color, I might scare people thinking I'm a ghost or sickly haha

    1. Hahaha! I do know that feeling, but then again I'm so pale that if I don't get all matchy matchy people automatically assume that I'm bad at makeup and can't match my face to my chest haha!

  2. I tried a sample of it and also found that it seemed VERY orange at first! To be honest I like the Maybelline Dream Wonder foundation much much more than this. I also felt like I didn't even get enough in my sample to try it out... I understand that it's one of those things where a little goes a long way but there just wasn't much to go with in the first place!

  3. Just letting you know that worshiping pale skin is deeply rooted in racism and classist beliefs

    1. But I don't worship pale skin, I was born with pale skin.


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