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Review: Skinfood Deep Sea Water Brightening Skincare

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be doing potentially the most boring and disappointing review I've ever done, on Skinfood's Deep Sea Water Brightening Multi Gel and Multi Toner! I purchased 10 samples of each product from RoseRoseShop almost a year ago and never got around to trying them out until a couple of weeks ago! I don't think that these were effective for me at all, in fact it felt like it was doing absolutely nothing at all to my skin, so I'm really glad I tried the samples first!
The sample pots are quite cool because they're shaped like the full sized bottles, but also not that great because it's quite hard to get enough product out without tipping the whole sample out (which I did actually do twice).

Both the Toner and the Gel are marketed as brightening products, and also described as products for "dark skin" which I find quite odd. I only got 2-3 uses out of each Toner bottle and 6-8 uses out of the Gel bottles, so while I used up all of the Toner, I was left with 5 sachets of Gel left, which I did not use up.

Skinfood Deep Sea Water Multi Toner (Brightening) 300ml
Makes skin bright and clean Contains mineral Recommended for dry skin and dark skin.

  Multi Toner Application Tips

-As Toner : Using a cotton pad or palm, apply liberally onto the face in gentle upward and outward motions.
-As Mist : Use with a spray bottle to mist over face and body whenever skin feels dry or hot.
-As Compress Solution : Pour into cotton pads or sheets and apply to face for 1 minute.
This toner literally felt like smoothing scented water on my face. It didn't make my face feel or look any better, pores were still large and open and it didn't brighten my skin at all.
SKINFOOD Deep Sea Water Multi Gel (Brightening)
A deep sea water-infused lightweight moisture gel that helps purify and brighten skin. also can be used as a facial gel, overnight mask, and body gel.

Deep Sea Water Story : Pure deep sea water is naturally cool and enriched with a myriad of minerals.

 Multi-Gel Application Tips:
  -For Face : After Multi-Water Toner application, apply an even layer to face. For severely dry skin, apply a thick layer to face before bed and leave in overnight.
  -For Body : Apply liberally to irritated or dry skin and massage until the gel is completely absorbed.

The Gel was incredibly interesting to me. Its so watery that I either had to use a teeny tiny amount so that my face didn't have to spend 5 mins drying or use a regular amount and let my face dry for 5 million hours. Honestly, if you're like me and are always running late, this is not the Gel for you. It doesn't really feel like it's doing anything for my skin either, it wasn't moisturizing, mattifying, oil controlling or pore minimizing, it really didn't feel like it did anything at all.

Let's just check out the before and after photos. 
You can see that a couple of little acne spots that have cleared up by themselves. The Toner and Gel didn't make my skin break out, but also didn't really stop it from breaking out either. I can still see the scars on my chin, forehead and cheeks and my skintone looks pretty much entirely the same.
What I Love
- Cute (but annoying) packaging

What I Don't Love
- Didn't feel like it was doing anything at all
- Irritating packaging
- Gel doesn't absorb fast (time consuming)

Final Thoughts
I really disliked both of these products. I just felt like they weren't doing anything at all, and it was quite time consuming for me since I'm almost always late in the mornings! I will not be purchasing the full sized products, because toning my face with water or the million other toners I already own is cheaper and potentially more effective. 

This does not mean to say that these products will not work for anyone else! We all have different skin which means that products will almost always work differently. ^.^ 

Has anyone else tried these products? Did you enjoy them or feel that they weren't doing anything to your skin too?


  1. I had a sample of the gel as well and I thought it was incredibly underwhelming too!

    1. Oh yay, I'm glad that you had a similar experience and I'm not just grumpy hehe!


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