Friday, 19 September 2014

First Impression: MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance; Pink

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about MAC's Prep + Prime Natural Radiance primer in Pink! I picked up this sample pot when I was talking to the lovely MAC ladies about Strobe Cream, and they recommended this primer for my particular skin type. So how did it do?

What Does It Do?
"A silky gel emulsion, rich in natural ingredients, that hydrates and primes to improve foundation or powder application, control oil and promote smooth texture. Vitamins E and C protect with antioxidants, while caffeine calms skin. Illuminating pearl powders reflect optic brightening. Now in two shades; Radiant yellow especially effective on deeper skin tones and Radiant Pink for fairer skin tones. The formula disappears upon application, resulting in a beautiful glow." (1)

This primer is a super cute baby pink colour and smells a little like sunscreen mixed with chemicals. It's quite thick and leaves a smooth almost silicone feel behind. It's colourless on the skin so provides no coverage. It leaves the skin looking a little shiny/glowy, but this glow doesn't always show through 

I've used the same three types of foundation that I've used in my previous Primer First Impressions (MAC Strobe Cream and Stila One Step Correct), my difficult foundation (NARS Sheer Glow), favorite BB Cream (Missha Signature Complete) and my long lasting foundation (Estēe Lauder Doublewear Light).

First up is my difficult foundation - NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia. This foundation is the perfect colour for my pale skin, but applies and lasts terribly. I didn't feel like the primer made any difference to the application or lasting power of this foundation.
Next up is my favorite BB Cream, Missha Signature Complete in No.13! The primer made the application of this BB Cream smoother, but didn't effect the longevity or oil control of the BB Cream.
Lastly, this is my long lasting foundation - Estēe Lauder's Doublewear Light in 0.5. I have to say that this primer was quite nice with this matte finish foundation because it gave it a really lovely glow. However, it didn't help with the longevity of the product, in fact it made the oil control a little worse.
 Would I Purchase This Product?
Probably not. For the price that it is, ($41USD) I don't think the results were good enough for me. I didn't feel like it had any skincare benefits, and only worked with a couple of my foundations and BB Creams, so I wouldn't get enough use out of it in terms of how much it cost. It would be perfect for princesses looking for light hydration and a little bit of smoothing.

 What are your favorite primer products?


  1. what are you using as powder? :)

    1. Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Powder for everything! I'm going back to my MAC Prep and Prime Translucent powder soon though! ^.^


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