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Review and Giveaway: Eye of Horus Nubian Brown Goddess Pencil

Hello Princesses!

You guys know how much I love the Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara? Well, today I'm going to be reviewing another products from Eye of Horus' line, the Nubian Brown Goddess Pencil! ^.^ My package came beautifully wrapped in black tissue paper with the Eye of Horus sticker closing it. Eye of Horus thoughtfully included some informative pamphlets and a thank you card inside the package.
These little pamphlets teach you how to use the products effectively, as well as how to care for your products to ensure a long life! Since both the Goddess Mascara and Goddess Pencils are wax and oil based, it's essential to keep them out of direct sunlight so that the products (especially the pencil!) don't melt.
Nubian Goddess Pencil from the depths of the Nile, the untamed essence of the Nubian Princess bestows her gifts of wild smouldering beauty.
Matte deepest velvet brown pigments transform the everyday Goddess into an alluring Temptress.

  • This gorgeous pencil doubles as a brow pencil - use the smudger to blend,
    defining & framing the eyes
  • A creamy rich formula that is easy to apply and is long-lasting
  • Waterproof & smudge-proof
  • Resists oil and perspiration with no fading
Made with a combination of waxes - Beeswax, Carnauba wax and Candelilla wax, our formula is easily removed with warm water yet has the staying power to last all day! Non-irritating, nourishing and great for sensitivities. Paraben Free.
Due to the beautiful natural soft waxes & oils in our pencils, a high grade cosmetic sharpener must be used to clean and maintain the integrity of the pencil.
The first thing that I noticed about this pencil is the length. The smudger adds the illusion of extra length to what is an ordinary sized pencil, but this just means that the actual pencil hasn't been sacrificed in place of a smudger. The pencil is longer than anything I own already, but it's definitely in favor of value for money!
The pencil is super soft, creamy and beautifully opaque. It glides on like a dream, even on my usually resistant waterline. This pencil is fantastic for people like me that forget that they're wearing makeup and rub their faces accidentally, because it's totally smudge/budge/cry proof. I've had a 2 hour cry session while wearing the Goddess Mascara, and apart from having red eyes like a heavy drug user, my eyes looked perfect. As long as you don't rub your eyes while crying (dabbing is the best way to mop up the tears) your mascara will stay looking gorgeous even through the tears!
My favorite way to use this pencil is to fill in my brows! I use an angled brow brush to fill in my brows with the liner to create a more natural look, but if you want a thicker brow, you can use the pencil by itself! This works really well for my left eyebrow (not pictured) where I have a bald patch due to chickenpox scars. The liner glides over the scarred skin and stays put all day, where other brow products rub off the thick skin after a short period of time.
I also use the pencil to create a natural eyeliner look. I line the inner and outer thirds of my top lash line with an angled brush or a gel eyeliner brush. This is my favorite way to use brown liner, since the brown looks more casual with my dark hair and fair complexion. To create a more dramatic look, I use the liner straight from the pencil to tightline my upper lashline, and follow this up with liquid liner to create the top line and wing. The tightlining makes my lashes appear super thick and full, and since the pencil is smudge-proof, it doesn't transfer down to my lower waterline like other liners do, which helps me avoid the dreaded panda eye.

This eyeliner is supposed to be smudge-able on application, but I don't find this very smudge-able at all, in fact more the opposite! You can smudge it if you work very quickly, but I find that the smudger sheers out the liner quite a lot. I don't use it for that purpose, so it doesn't bother me at all, I prefer the un smudgeableness of the liner!
Both the pencil and mascara last all day! This is how they looked after 12 hours of wear. (I know it's not very healthy to wear makeup that long, but sometimes I have to!) The liner has faded slightly on my inner lid, but the mascara and brows have lasted well, with no under-eye smudging and no need to wipe concealer/foundation from under my eyes. 
Do I need to tell you all about my favorite mascara again? It's smudge-proof, cry-proof, volumizing, lengthening and great for your lashes! It's my holy grail of mascaras, and I'm still in love 1 and a half tubes later! If you haven't already, check out my  Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara review!  
Lashes, lashes, lashes!
I also made a video demonstrating the products! This is my first Youtube video, so please leave some constructive criticism if you would like (but be nice!) I know it's quite quiet, and the quality isn't fantastic, but any other comments are much appreciated!

Things I Love
- Smudge-proof, cry-proof, un-budgeable!
- Easy to apply
- Can be used for dramatic or natural looks depending on application
- Can be used on eyes or brows
- Cruelty Free
- Easy to remove with water 

Things I Don't Love
- The price higher than drugstore, but not as high as a luxury brand
- Doesn't smudge when I want it to

Final Thoughts
I really love both the Goddess Mascara and the Goddess Pencil! Both of the negative aspects of this product don't apply for me personally since price is not an issue, and I don't smudge my eyeliner, but I thought they were worth mentioning! 

If you would like to purchase your own Goddess Pencil and Goddess Mascara, make sure you visit Eye of Horus' store!

Today I'm also giving away an Eye of Horus Gift Pack which you can enter using the Rafflecopter giveaway app below! 
Our Goddess Gift Pack includes our signature Goddess Mascara, a Goddess Pencil in the colour of your choice, custom EOH cosmetic sharpener and our #dontwakethegoddess Sleep Mask, all packaged up in our NEW Gold EOH makeup purse!
This giveaway is limited to New Zealand residents only, but don't worry International viewers, there will be an international giveaway coming soon! 


  1. Really I love to see review and swatch photos. I like pictures. XD

  2. Awwh you look so pretty in your video! Love your lashes ^^

  3. Saw this on TV a while back and now after your review, defos keen to try it out!

  4. wish my lashes could be so long


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