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Review: Missha CC BB Cream

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be reviewing Missha's CC BB Cream in Flawless Complexion and Pure Complexion! I bought 10 of each of these colours in sample size from RoseRoseShop because I wasn't quite ready to commit to $68 for each colour from the NZ store. I mean seriously, $68NZD?? That's a lot. I could buy 1 and 3/4  MAC lipsticks for that amount of money.

These CC BB Creams are super confusing to everyone, what's the difference between the CC and BB section of this product? I'm actually not sure to be honest, so lets just think about this like a CC Cream I guess.

There are two colours of this CC Cream, Flawless Complexion (Beige) and Pure Complexion (White). The White has little beads inside that burst and match your skin (supposedly).
I looked at the photos of the packaging and though, yes I want that, it looks great! Then I read SkinandTonics review and saw that the packaging was as wide as a soup can! Nobody has room for that!

I did two sets of swatches, one on my pale skin, and one on my sisters tanned skin for comparison, since they are supposed to match your skin!
If you look closely at the last swatch you can see a slight colour difference between the two CC Creams. The Beige/Flawless CC Cream is slightly pinker in tone than the White/Pure CC Cream which is slightly more yellow/orange. Both are too dark for me.
You can see the colour difference a little more on my sisters skin, the Beige/Flawless is pinker and darker than the White/Pure. Both of these are too pale for my sister. If you would like to see these CC's compared to other CC Creams, you can check them out here!

Pure Complexion
I found the Pure Complexion a little too dark for my skin (I'm NC5-10 for reference) but passable for my summer "tan" skin. It has a really lovely texture and is smooth and easy to apply with fingers or buffing brushes. It has a dewy finish similar to most CC Creams, and covers pores and redness, but not scars or deeper darker imperfections.

Flawless Complexion
I moderately enjoyed the Flawless CC Cream. Lets start of with the fact that it's too dark for me and too pink. Other than those negative facts, this CC Cream is actually quite pleasant! It has a lovely medium coverage that covers my pores, redness, scars and has a soft matte/ish finish. I can almost get away without powdering this CC, but if I don't it turns into a greasy mess after 3 hours. Apart from it being too dark and too pink, I actually quite like it!
I also put on some eyeshadow for once and I quite like it.
Things I Love
- Both are not too sheer, have enough coverage
- They both smell really nice, a little like sunscreen
- Great sun protection (SPF43 PA+++)
- Moisturizing

Things I Don't Love
-  Only two colours, neither or which match
- Do NOT last 12 hours

Final Thoughts
I feel very conflicted between these two CC BB Creams, which generally means that I will purchase neither of them full size! I prefer the colour of the White/Pure CC Cream, but I prefer coverage and finish of the Beige/Flawless CC Cream! I think these would be great products for people with very normal, moderately fair skin. I'm also all for supporting NZ stores, but this product is seriously more than twice the price in NZ that it is online, so possibly look at purchasing online.

I hope this review was helpful for you Princesses! ^.^ What's your favorite CC Cream?

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  1. the bb cream seems nice. you look so pretty by the way :)

    xoxo, rae


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