Friday, 22 August 2014

First Impression: MAC Strobe Liquid

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the younger sibling of an iconic product, MAC's Strobe Liquid. You've all heard about Strobe Cream before (who hasn't with the glowy, dewy skin trend going on) but what about Strobe Liquid? I was recommended Strobe Liquid by a MAC artist when I asked their opinion on the product and happily took a generous sample pot home to test out.

What Is It?
"Blending soft focus diffusers with iridescent pigments, this ultra-fluid strobe formula produces a soft radiant light on the skin, reducing the appearance of skin imperfections by providing a natural looking glow. Spreads on smoothly and absorbs quickly leaving the skin looking healthier and more radiant. A lighter weight addition to the popular strobe cream." (1)

Like all of my primer trials, I've photographed this primer with three different types of foundation, a BB Cream, High coverage foundation, and a difficult foundation. Click these photos to enlarge.
First up is my High coverage foundation - Estēe Lauder's Doublewear Light. I found that the Strobe Liquid did exceptionally well with this usually matte foundation, making my skin softly glow. Because of the foundations long lasting properties, my face still looks great at the end of the six hour wear.  
Next up is my Difficult foundation - NARS Sheer Glow (in Siberia, of course). Even though this is named Sheer Glow, it's neither sheer nor particularly glowy, but of course the Strobe Cream gives me a lovely glow. However, since this foundation doesn't last particularly long on my skin (3 hours at best) the end result looks quite oily rather than glowy. Looking sweaty isn't cute.
Finally we have my favorite BB Cream, Missha's Signature Complete BB Cream in shade No.13. I actually quite liked the combination of the Strobe Cream and BB Cream because it made my skin look incredibly healthy and strangely plump.
Look at the glow! Let's all take a moment to appreciate my acne scar free cheeks and to ignore my allergerific chin. I love seeing a little of my freckles beneath foundation, I think freckles are super cute!!

The Strobe Cream worked beautifully for the majority of the foundations I trialled it with, although I wouldn't wear it on it's own since it does make my skin look greasy. It was super easy and smooth to apply and dried down to a matte finish instead of feeling greasy.

Would I Purchase This Product?
I'm pretty keen to purchase the Strobe Liquid! I'm also interested in trying the Strobe Cream as well as the L'Oreal Lumi Primer which is supposed to be quite a good dupe for the MAC Strobe products! All in all, this primer works well underneath foundation (as well as over the top) giving me gorgeous glowy skin. It doesn't make my foundation last longer, nor does it claim to. This is a beautiful product for girls with oilier skin too!

What do you Princesses think of the Glowy, Dewy skin trend? Are you a fan of the look? 

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