Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Review: Beyond; Save Us! Lipstick

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the ultra-cute Beyond, Save Us! Lipstick. I bought these from Sasa a little while ago, although they are no longer available to purchase from there. I paid $13.90(USD) for each lipstick, making them one of the most expensive Korean lipsticks I've ever purchased (which is nothing compared to the $40 MAC lipstick in reality!)
I was obviously really drawn to the lipstick bullets themselves, which are shaped like little animals! The bullets aren't evenly seated inside the lipstick tube, which makes my photos look lopsided, and resulted in the Beige Otter having his face shaved off every time I wind the lipstick up and down -.- I'm sorry little otter!!
"Beyond SPF8 Save Us! Lipstick with vivid color, refreshing scent and cute little seal design. Solid type of moisturizing ingredients melt as soon as touching the lips, creating vivid and smooth color. Enriched vitamin C creates vivid and smooth lips. Long lasting color and moisturizing.(1)
I was initially very surprised about the opacity of the swatched lipstick, with the exception of the pale pink which I didn't expect to be pigmented anyway. They aren't particularly matte, but also not overly glossy.

I've done a few lip swatches for you Princesses! Please remember that I have naturally very dry lips, therefore, if you have beautiful plump lips these lipsticks might look a lot nicer on you!

No.01 - Pale Pink
I was initially very frightened of this lipstick since pale pink shades tend to make me look like a clown/Nikki Minaj, but this sheer pink actually looked quite beautiful! It has the most glossy finish of the lipsticks I purchased, and doesn't make my lips look disgustingly dry when I apply it fully. It looks equally as good mattified/blotted. It does tend to migrate to the edges of my lips if I apply too much or rub my lips together. This lipstick lasts just under one hour before losing all colour.
 I have quite pigmented lips, so if you have pale lips, or blank your lips out with a concealer the pink colour will show through a little more.
No.02 - Pink
This was my favorite lipstick out of the four I purchased. It's a natural, neutral looking pink that is very moisturizing and flattering on dryer lips. It looks perfect with a lighter hand as well as a heavy hand. If you want to purchase one lipstick from the collection, I would recommend this one!
This lipstick lasts just under 2 hours, without eating or drinking. The whole set of lipsticks are not particularly long lasting to be honest, which is a little disappointing.
 No.03 - Beige
I'm still on the fence about this shade. I suppose it's because I don't often rock a nude lip, but this colour is not exactly kind to dry lips and shows flakes quite clearly. However, if you have lovely plump lips, this is a wonderful nude colour that doesn't look like you have invisible concealer lips.
 I forgot to close my drawer -.- How embarrassing.
  No. 04 - Orange
This is unfortunately my least favorite lipstick out of the four, which is a pity because the little bear face and chubby body looks soo cute! I'm not sure what it is about this colour that makes it so gross to look at on my lips, but even when it's applied super sheer it clings to the dry patches of my lips and in any nooks and cranny's it can find. Not flattering. The colour is quite beautiful though!
 Why can't it look like it does in this picture all the time!? :C
Here is a comparison of all of the colours so you can see how they look against each other!
What I Love
- Good colour range
- Relatively inexpensive
- Citrusy Scent
- Animal shaped bullets!
- Moisturizing
- Build able colour

What I Don't Love
- Not very long wearing
- Some colours highlight dry lips

Final Thoughts
I really really wanted to love these lipsticks with all my heart, but I just can't. The two pink colours are my favorites of the four, but they just don't last long enough and don't fade well, which is a massive pity, because, I mean, animal shaped lipstick!! I think I will hold onto the two pink colours, but the Orange and Beige will probably be sold onto someone with lovely lips.

What do you Princesses think of these super cute lipsticks? Will you be purchasing some?


  1. how do you even manage to use it omg ;u; if i had lipsticks shaped like this i dont think my heart would be dare enoigh to use it ;A; the pink one looks good on you!!

    1. Thank you! ^.^ Hehe I just use the backs of their heads because I couldn't bring myself to smoosh their little faces ><

  2. Omo, I've seen those lipsticks a few times and I still think the're adorable!
    I wouldn't be able to use them if I got them, because of the cutenes :3
    The shades look all very pretty :)

  3. OMG Cutest thing I've seen! Are these available on eBay?

  4. They are cute but lasting hour is just funny :D thank you for reviewing ~~


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