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Important Post: Identity Theft Is A Crime

 Hello Princesses!

I'm very sorry to be interrupting my usual Blogger Tips posts, but there is a very important topic that I would like to talk to you princesses about. Identity Theft. This is a serious issue, because Identity theft is a serious crime, just as defamation can be a very serious crime. This basically means that someone impersonating you by taking your identity, making racial slurs, using rude language and making you look bad can end up with very serious consequences. Today I'm going to be talking about my minor experience with identity theft. 

A little while ago I had a random Facebook message on my blog page asking me if I had a Line account, which I do not. Through a little chatting, I found out that she and a couple of her friends had been chatting to someone who was using my pictures and pretending to be me. They started getting suspicious that she wasn't actually me, and the girl in question started getting nasty. I asked the girls to provide me with screenshots of their conversations and here we are! 

This girl (who's name actually comes up as Amelia, which is NOT my real name) was using some really old photos of mine from circle lens reviews - which is a little insulting really since I haven't worn lenses in over a year, and was basically writing out my About Me section on my blog to describe herself. 
Grammar. Please. If you're pretending to be me at least spell correctly and use proper grammar.
Claiming to be "All over the internet" is embarrassing to me and to you. Also the link she provided has a .CA end, rather than a .NZ end, signifying a different part of the world. (
So when the girls asked her to prove that she's the real me, she started getting pretty nasty.
So instead she decided to show a photo of her and her husbands hands, time stamped to prove she was me, which is when the girls chatting to her become super suspicious, and I'm just sitting here with my mouth hanging on the floor. Husband?? Are you joking?? My hands are on my blog EVERY MONDAY, and they sure as hell don't look like that.
I'm going to go out on a wing and say that this person impersonating me is a lot older, and therefore also should know better! That may sound really mean, but either her camera is really bad, she's super un-hygenic and doesn't clean her rings, or is older and married for a while, which explains the dulled rings and chipped polish. I'm in my 20's guys.
Not to mention the nails. COME ON. I'm going to sound like a massive beeeechacho, but our fingers and nails are completely different. I can only imagine that she cropped the photo so you can't see her STRAIGHT pinkie, since mine has quite a distinct and rare bend, and my rather apparent index finger vein from excessive flute playing. Don't try and impersonate me via your hands, how dare you. (Can you feel the rage?)
She also failed to remember that I live in New Zealand, and timestamped her own hands incorrectly.
Then things got a little uglier.
 These messages make my skin crawl.
 I'm supposed to be married! This flirting is disgusting, as is "Lawls".
Babe? I'm supposed to be married!

Don't treat me differently? Don't make me vomit.

Don't get me wrong, I'm aware that putting sensitive information on the internet makes me a target for people impersonating, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it or condone it. It makes me feel sick that people are using my photos to catfish (even worse when it's my older lens/camwhore photos) and calling me babe, even though it's not me. She seems to flirt with one of the people, but tells the other people that she's married, what does she want?
If I sound extremely mad in this post, it's because I am. Nothing gives someone the right to steal someone else's identity, even though this person did a terrible job at it. Put yourself in my shoes, how would you feel if someone was using your photos, identity and hard hard work to get attention and possibly money online. How do you think the people she scammed/tricked feel? It's not a good feeling, and I feel that I'm entitled to my little rage post.
I'm so thankful that this is the only person to impersonate me (so far at least, *touch wood*), and also because the people she talked to were able to spot a "fake" so quickly. I'm a lot more bothered by the fact that Line is notorious for people being scammed financially, and I'm glad that she didn't start asking people for money, under the pretense that it was me.

I will NEVER ask you for money. I will never approach you on social media apart from the social media linked on my blog, if in doubt, ask for appropriate pictures, or send me an email or Facebook message! It never hurts to be too cautious now days, since it's so easy to copy a photo and a bio off the internet.

I've never been more happy to be using my middle name on a public website.


  1. Ohh I am very sorry that this happening to you ; ^ ;
    People who steal others identities are very jealous and insecure ; ~ ;
    Hopefully this post will get her to stop! ; o ;

  2. Omg! I am sooo sorry this happened to you :( I couldn't imagine what I'd do if this happened to me. It's so messed up!

  3. There are stupid people in this world unfortunately who have nothing better to do with their lives other than impersonate people for the fun of it. :\ I'm so sorry! Hopefully if the impersonator reads this, she'll think twice before cat-fishing someone else.

  4. Wow this is really irritating, what does she try to achieve by that? I really don't get her behaviour at all. (But just curious, where did you get all the Line screenshots did she post those? Because Line is kind of a closed instant messanger right?) I hope she will stop with this weird behaviour and be proud of whoever she is really o___o"

  5. Wow this is awful! I don't see what they would even get from impersonating you >n< I sometimes don't at all understand the logic of people >n< At least people were quick to spot that it was an impersonater, still, it must feel awful :(

  6. Dude.... psychos, man. Hope you don't encounter more freakos like this in the future, that's SO... wtf. .__.
    I'd hate to be impersonated. I hope I'm not. o___o

  7. Reading those screenshots sends me shivers :s so creepy!


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