Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Review: Too Cool For School Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Too Cool For School Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack! I snagged a 10 pack of samples of this sleeping pack with my last TesterKorea order using my SPoints, and I thought there was no better time to review them than on Halloween! Each sample has 3ml of product, in total giving me 30ml to try out.

Moisturise and nourish skin while you sleep with Too Cool For School's Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack. The blend of natural ingredients, including Dragon Blood tree extract and astaxanthin, relieves dehydrated skin as it cultivates moisture.
The little sample sachets have the same design as the full size. The full size comes in a squeeze tube which helps the product stay nice, clean and fresh. Although the product aesthetic is not my preference, I do think the design is fitting to the name.
The sleeping pack has a thin gel consistency and is tinted pink. The product description says it contains Dragons Blood, but don't worry, there is no blood in this product. The Dragons Blood comes from a Peruvian Tree in the form or Croton Lechleri Resin Extract which gives the sleeping pack that gory colour. The sleeping pack is easy to spread out over my skin, but does leave a very sticky finish that takes about 10-20minutes to dry down, so it's not a product I can apply quickly right before bed.
The pink colour does not transfer to my skin at all and it doesn't stain pillows either. After application my skin feels slightly softer and more hydrated, but it's nothing like other sleeping packs that make my skin feel super plump and hydrated.
After I wake up I find that my skin feels pretty normal, it feels like I haven't applied a sleeping pack which is a little bit disappointing. I didn't feel any more hydration than usual, and my skin isn't any brighter than usual either.
What I Love
- Cute packaging
- Lovely fruity scent
- Cute pink colour
- Easy to apply

What I Don't Love
- Leaves a sticky residue on my hands
- Takes a while to dry down
- No real results for me

Final Thoughts
I am a little disappointed in this sleeping pack! Even though I think it's cute and fun to use, it only provides a little bit of hydration initially and isn't substantial enough to last through the night. I also find it a little annoying to use since it really is very sticky, I need to wash my hands after applying it because it takes too long to dry down. It's a cute concept and may be more suited to Princesses with oilier skin since the hydration is not enough for my "normal" skin. However, it is a fun, cute sleeping pack nonetheless!

I would recommend the Too Cool For School Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack to any Princesses looking for a cute, fun sleeping pack with light hydration.

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