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Review: A'Pieu x Rilakkuma Honey Glow Serum Tint

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the A'Pieu x Rilakkuma Honey Glow Serum Tint! I saw these on Roseroseshop for $2.90 each and couldn't resist the cute packaging! I couldn't find any reviews on these products either and the product description sounded very different to a normal lip tint too, so I was very excited to try these out!

Oil tint ingredient gives silky glow and vivid color. Honey glow lips express high shine and color tint. The applicator is shaped like a deer’s foot. The angle of the wand applicator complements nicely with the natural contours of the lips. With the smooth curve of the applicator, it allows you to have the popular K-Beauty gradient lips effect as well.
The packaging for these tints is actually quite cute, but it is hard to tell which colour you're picking up since the only thing that makes the outer packaging different is the sticker on the bottom. They have a very big doe foot applicator which picks up a lot of tint and is actually bigger than my lips.
There are 5 shades in the collection, though the 3 red shades do look pretty similar on the lips. The darkest shade Honey Cranberry looked a lot darker on the promo swatches!
This is what the promo pictures look like. A lot of the colours do look quite different, though Honey Cranberry is the most different.
PK01 Cherry Squeeze
 Cherry Squeeze is a bright pinky red.
I'm actually a little disappointed in this shade! The promo swatches made it appear much more pink than it actually is, for me it is more of a red shade! I really like the formula of these lip tints, they are quite thin and goopey in texture which makes them easy to spread out and flattering on dry lips.
 CR01 Apricot Jam
 Apricot Jam is a super pretty peach shade!

This is my favourite shade in the collection! I find that this is a flattering every day colour for me, it's not an MLBB but it's still a natural colour. 
The longevity of these tints is not the best. They do stain very quickly, but since the tint is goopey and almost oily in a way it tends to pool into the creases on my lips like this. It's not great, but it's not the best longevity either.

OR01 Manuka Orange
Manuka Orange is a vibrant orange shade.
As usual, oranges are not my favourite shades, but this one does look quite nice! The tints formula is quite unique for me, it's quite thin and goopey, but it also has an oily feel to it (not in a gross way though!) which gives quite a nice sheer finish to the lips. This means that although this orange is quite vibrant, a little bit of my natural lip colour comes through and lessens the intensity which I really like.

RD01 Raspberry Syrup
 Raspberry Syrup is a pretty warm toned red shade.
This is a really beautiful colour! The darker colours are a little hard to apply for me because the doe foot applicator is so big! The applicator also picks up a lot of the tint, and because of the goopey texture it's really hard to control how this applies around the lip line. This also makes them a little difficult to reapply too, especially if you don't have a mirror!

RD02 Honey Cranberry
 Honey Cranberry is a cool toned red.
While I think this colour is very pretty, it's quite different to the promo pictures that show it to be more of a deep burgundy. I'm quite disappointed in this because I was really looking forward to this colour!
What I Love
- Super cheap at $2.90USD
- Very cute packaging
- Pretty colour range
- Formula is moisturising
- Flattering on dry lips

What I Don't Love
- The big wand makes them hard to apply
- Very little longevity (around 3 hours)

Final Thoughts
I'm a little stuck with these glow serum tints! On one hand I really like the packaging, the colours and the formula. But on the other hand they are pretty hard for me to apply because of the huge wand and the really don't last long. I find it a little difficult to find lip products that are moisturising and flattering for my dry lips while being pigmented, and these glow serum tints really fill a gap in my collection. I think that I am going to persevere and try to make these work, but I would love to hear what you guys think of them too!

I would recommend the A'Pieu x Rilakkuma Honey Glow Serum Tint to any Princesses looking for lip tints that are flattering on dry lips and come in super cute Rilakkuma themed packaging! 

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