Thursday, 5 October 2017

Review: Stylenanda Love 3CE Baby Glow Cushion

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Stylenanda Love 3CE Baby Glow Cushion! I bought this cushion because I just thought it was literally too cute, very much like the Love 3CE Cheek Makers! This is the first time that I've tried a Stylenanda base product before, so I was quite curious to see the quality!
Ultrafine pigments, high glossy oils and low molecular hyaluronic acid delicately and flawlessly caress the skin, presenting you with a baby soft face that glows from within.
Just like the Cheek Makers, this cushion comes in super cute card packaging that looks like a little book. The packaging is a little unnecessary and bulky, but at least it's recyclable.
The cushion itself is housed in a little pink clam shell which is just way too cute. I absolutely love the packaging and definitely bought it based on the packaging! Sadly, Stylenanda doesn't seem to offer refills for their cushions, so once this cushion is finished it may just have to go on display.
As usual there is a mirror and a cushion puff. The cushion puff is a matching pink shade which is too cute! The cushion puff works really well to pick up the product and the band over the fingers is actually elastic too which makes it a little more unusual.
I got the shade 01 which is quite warm toned and fairly light. It does oxidise slightly, but nothing problematic.
In comparison to my perfect shade which is Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia it is a little on the dark side, but because it is so warm toned I can make it work!
I find this cushion very easy to apply and it leaves my skin looking smooth and glowy. It offers lovely medium coverage that is buildable, but one layer covers my scarring nicely without making my skin look mask like.
The product descriptions implies that this cushion has "high glossy oils" in the formula, so it's no surprise that the longevity isn't very good on slightly oily skin. I find it especially bad when I wear my glasses, you can see where the cushion has rubbed off entirely.
After 8 hours my face definitely looks very glowy! It's not oily to the point that I would need to blot, but it's definitely glowier than my normal cushions.
What I Love
- Super cute packaging
- 01 is a beautiful, warm toned shade
- Easy to apply
- Lovely medium, buildable coverage
- Makes my skin look so glowy and pretty

What I Don't Love
- More on the expensive side at around $30USD
- Very little oil control

Final Thoughts
I absolutely love the packaging of this cushion and I love the initial finish. However, it doesn't last very well  on my skin which is disappointing! I'm really hoping that I can find another cushion that fits this cushion case so that I can keep using it too because it really is so cute! It is a little more on the expensive side, but if you're looking for a cute clam shell cushion case and a cushion that gives you a super pretty glow, this is the cushion for you!

I would recommend the Stylenanda Love 3CE Baby Glow Cushion to any Princesses looking for a cute clam shell cushion case, and a cushion that gives you a super pretty glow!

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