Thursday, 26 October 2017

Review: Skinfood Sugar Mix Highlighting and Shading

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Skinfood Sugar Mix Highlighting and Shading Kits! Highlighting and Bronzing or Contouring are not part of my normal routine, but I have been getting more into it for my normal day to day make up just to give my face a little more shape. I decided to try these because because the bronzer is called Diet Cookies which I thought was a really cute name!
A petite 3D face that is completed with lighting and shading. Contains sugar extract and vitamin ingredients.
The packaging of these little kits is cute and functional. The outer packaging is sturdy, there is a big mirror on the inside but overall the compacts aren't too big and are easy to store. There are two shades in the highlighter and bronzer kit. I found the beige highlight to be particularly disappointing, it's very hard to see! Even though the bronzer shades look quite different in the pan but fairly similar on the arm swatches.
Even on my face, I really struggle to see the beige highlight. It's very similar to my skin tone! In general the bronzers and highlights are very easy to apply and last well throughout the day.
Sugar Mix Shading: Diet Cookies
Diet Cookies is the bronzing/contouring shade! There are two shades in this kit, a light brown as well as a dark brown. I find the dark brown really hard to work with because it is much darker than my own skin tone, however I find the light brown looks quite nice and natural!
The Light Brown shade is super easy to blend, but I find the Dark Brown shade quite difficult to work with because I have to use such a light hand otherwise it can end up looking very patchy. I also find that if I apply too much and have to blend quite a lot, my foundations start to wear off underneath and my scarring is much more apparent.
Sugar Mix Highlighting: Lite Cupcake
Lite Cupcake has two colours, a beige and a gold shade. The beige shade is super sheer, it's really hard to pick up any pigment and I have to use a really dense brush to pick up enough pigment and apply it to my face. Once applied I can very faintly see the highlight, it's very natural, but it's so natural that it may as well not be there at all.
The gold shade on the other hand is much more pigmented, the colour itself is very soft so it's very easy to pick up a lot of pigment (almost too much pigment!) and shows up brightly on my skin. Check out the Youtube video to see the colour in real life!
What I Love
- Cute, functional packaging
- Pretty colours
- Mostly easy to apply
- Great longevity

What I Don't Love
- A little more on the expensive side at $10USD each
- The beige highlight is too subtle

Final Thoughts
These highlight and bronzer compacts are super cute, they have great packaging, pretty colours and are mostly easy to apply. However, I only like one colour in each compact and they are a little more on the expensive side at $10USD each. These compacts would most likely be suited to Princesses who highlight and contour on the regular and would be great for travel because they contain multiple colours and have beautiful sturdy packaging. They're cute and functional products, they're just not best suited to me personally.

I would recommend the Skinfood Sugar Mix Highlighting and Shading to any Princesses looking for cute highlight and bronzer kits that would be great for travel!

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  1. The gold highlight looks nice but you are right, the porcelain one is pretty much invisible :)



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