Thursday, 9 February 2017

Review: Anskin Modeling Mask

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Anskin Modeling Mask in Pearl! Modeling masks are so much fun to use and can be really beneficial for your skin too.
"Pearl - for dark skin with blemishes and freckles. Contains 20 amino acids and 28 minerals to help blood circulation, cell regeneration, aging prevention and whitening. Helps to effectively improve sun tanned skin, dull skin and lots of blemishes to bright and improve rough skins."(2)
This mask comes in a very big tub and the powder is in a plastic bag so it doesn't spill everywhere. I emptied the powder into the tub so it's much easier to measure out.
To mix this mask I use a quarter cup of the powder and slightly under a quarter cup of water. It's easy to mix into a paste and apply to my face.
It's important to apply your skincare underneath this mask like you normally would a sheet mask since this mask is not a wash off mask. Once the mask has dried after 20-30minutes, it's so easy and satisfying to peel off!
After using this mask my skin feels much firmer and looks much brighter. There is a substantial reduction in redness to my skin which I love, but I haven't seen much reduction of any of my acne scars.
What I Love
- Fun and easy to use
- Makes my skin feel much firmer
- Makes my skin look much brighter and reduces redness

What I Don't Love
- Hasn't faded any blemishes
- Can be a long process to use

Final Thoughts
This is a mask that gives me gorgeous, instant results, however through long term use I didn't see any revolutionary effects. I really enjoy using it before an event because it makes my skin so much firmer and brighter, but I do really have to dedicate the time to using the mask as it is messy and can take quite a while. You can't eat or drink while using this mask even if you don't cover your mouth (which I don't do due to anxiety) because the mask will detach from your skin as soon as it dries if you move, so it's best to just lie down and relax while using this mask. I have almost used up the entire tub, so it's safe to say that I enjoy using this mask and will be trying the other types to see what results they give!

I would recommend the Anskin Modeling Mask to any Princesses who are looking for a mask to give them instantly firmer and brighter skin. 

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