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Provided for Review: Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Yadah Qick Tattoo Brow Gel in Ash Brown! This product was kindly sent to me for review by BBCosmetic!

"The amazing peel-off tattoo has made its way to your brows, saving your application time. Yadah`s very first peel-off brow gel that leaves a natural-looking tint onto your brows without smearing and fading, enriched with the extracts of black bean, black berry, Panthenol and Portulaca for hair strengthening. This comes in a soft gel form that dries up and turns into a soft peel-off gel without skin irritation.

How to Use
1. After trimming the eyebrows without applying skincare product or makeup, apply a liberal amount according to the desired shape of the eyebrow.
2. Dry for at least 1 hour.
3. After drying completely, remove slowly starting from the tail of the eyebrow.
4. Do not use a cleansing product or apply forced touch on the eyebrow area within 24 hours of using the product."(1)
This tint comes housed in a glossy black tube and has quite a thick brush applicator.
Of course this is a peel off tint, and this has to be on for a minimum of one hour or overnight.
I left this tint on for 7 hours during the day, I didn't want to make my pillows dirty since the dried tint does still transfer quite a lot. I found it easy to apply, but if you have brows thinner than mine you may struggle as the brush is quite wide. I also found the tint difficult to remove, it did pull a couple of brow hairs out!
When I remove the dried tint I was pretty surprised to see the colour wasn't as ashy as it shows on my hand, but is more on the orange/auburn side.
It did stain really nicely, but it didn't adhere well to my brow scar which is a little disappointing.
Day 1
On Day 1 obviously my brows look pretty good, the colour is more orange that what I was expecting for a brown ash colour though.

Day 2
On Day 2 the colour has lightened substantially, and is more orange. It still looks good though, but they don't look like they suit my hair colour at all.

Day 3
On Day 3 there is a little more lightening and fading around the perimeter of my brows and in my scar.

Day 4
On Day 4 my brows are almost looking blonde and there is no excess colour outside of the brow hairs.

Day 5
Day 5 and the orange brows are still faintly present. They do look filled in, but they're definitely not the right colour.

Day 6
On Day 6 most of the colour has faded away, and if you look closely you can see that it does get quite patchy.

Day 7
On Day 7 there is still a little bit of colour left, but it's very spotty, patchy and orange.
Here are side by side comparisons, you can see that the tint doesn't stick well to my scar to start with, but the colour is still in the scar by day 7, how weird. On the other brow there are definite stages of orange, to yellow, to spotty. But it does stay till day 7!
What I Love
- Pretty inexpensive at $12USD
- Functional packaging
- Easy to apply
- Stains really well
- Lasts for a whole week 

What I Don't Love
- Applicator will be too wide for small brows
- Ripped out a couple of brow hairs, slightly painful to remove
- Doesn't stain scars well
- Fades into orange or yellow quite quickly
- Becomes quite patchy on the last couple of days 

Final Thoughts
This brow tint has me a little conflicted, on one hand it does stain quite well, on the other hand it turns my brows orange, so I can't really use it effectively. I really do wish that these types of products didn't turn orange because I would love to just tint my brows once a week and be done with it, and this product does last a week! However, my hair isn't orange, it's cool toned brown, so this colour doesn't look good on me.

I would recommend the Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel to any Princesses looking for a brow tint that lasts all week, as long as they look good with orange brows!

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  1. I really liked your review. I also got the same color to try out from BB cosmetics and just finished my review on it. My conclusions very almost as yours:-)


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