Saturday, 11 February 2017

Provided for Review: Yadah All Day Cushion

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Yadah All Day Cushion in the shade Light Beige! This product was kindly provided for review by BB Cosmetic!
"Perfect coverage, Long lasting and Powerful moisturizing in one product! Only with light touch, easily realize full coverage and satin finishing and all day keep the skin smooth without darkening. 

Mochicushion specialized for moisture evaporation prevention system provides the skin with deep moisture, and ruby-cell puff approved for antibacterial activity. Help make-up sanitarily and the patented case for excellent sealing effect leave the puff keeping moisturized all day."(1)
This cushion has cute packaging and it only comes in one shade which is 21, Light Beige.
The cushion has the typical cushion packaging and is not one of the newer slimmer models. There is a mirror, a cushion puff, and the cushion itself.
The provided cushion puff works really nicely, but it's nothing special.
Of course there is a hygiene sticker over the cushion and then the cushion itself. The product pooled to the side of this cushion, but it doesn't affect the way you use the product.
There is only one shade for this cushion which is 21 Light Beige. This is definitely not the best shade for me as it is a little orange, and it does oxidise quite a lot too!
In comparison to my perfect shade Siberia, you can see that Light Beige is substantially darker and more orange.
I find this cushion really easy to apply and it looks really nice on my skin.
It also gives me really good medium to full coverage too which is great! It evens out my redness really well too.
This cushion is supposed to last all day (as per the name) but I don't find this to be true at all. This lasts about 4 hours for me before it gets very oily and starts to come off on my fingertips if I touch my face.
It just doesn't look good over a long period of time, and the coverage wears off too so it's no longer full coverage. The longevity isn't good at all.
What I Love
- Cute, functional packaging
- Quick and easy to apply
 - Great medium to full coverage

What I Don't Love
- Only one shade
- Average oil control
- Coverage wears off over time

Final Thoughts
This cushion provides really beautiful medium coverage, but it really doesn't have very good oil control or longevity for slightly oily skin. It's cute, it's easy to apply and it does make my skin look beautiful for the first four hours of wear, but for a long day my face just turns into an oily mess. I do also wish there were a couple of different shades for this cushion because one shade is just so restricting, it's also quite orange so I'm not actually sure who will suit this colour either. All in all, it's not my favourite product.

I would recommend the Yadah All Day Cushion to any Princesses who don't have oily skin and fit the shade! 

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  1. Such cute packaging! A shame it performs poorly. I feel like there are no cushions out there that are actually long-wearing on oily skin :(



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