Thursday, 5 January 2017

Review: Espoir Nude Cushion Dewy

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Espoir Nude Cushion Dewy in the lightest shade which is Porcelain! This is a fairly well known pale cushion shade, so I never bothered investigating until I saw the refills on sale. Purchasing a refill rather than the actual cushion is always cheaper, but in this instance the full size cushion also comes with an extra refill, so I thought it would be a waste to essentially purchase two on the off chance that I would like them.
"A glow and hydrating cushion type foundation fits very lightly and provides long wearing effect it gives the skin radiant expression with it's moisturising texture."
 The refills come housed in a super hygienic sealed bag.
There is no cushion outer, but just the little refill which does save on space. There is a hygiene sticker over the cushion too. I was happily surprised to see that the refill comes with a cushion puff as they don't always!
I was also super happy to see how pale this shade was when I pressed my finger into the cushion. What a great colour for Porcelain Princesses!
The shade Porcelain is definitely warm toned and very pale. This shade is most comparable with the Bobbi Brown 00 Alabaster shade.
In comparison with NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia this cushion is ever so slightly more neutral and lighter, but it's still a great warm toned pale shade. It's actually sightly lighter than Siberia which is new for me!
When it's initially applied to my skin it does look slightly ghostly, but it does oxidise slightly and it fits my skin better after about 5 minutes. It gives me really nice medium coverage, it masks the lighter scars on my skin and the two teeny pimples I have nicely without looking too mask like. It does a great job of evening out my redness.
However, it does emphasise my pores quite a bit, and also the dry skin around my eyes and mouth. You can see how it makes the little pimple by my beauty mark look more apparent in texture, but more even in terms of skin tone and colour. This effect is lessened by using a super hydrating base, but since it is a dewy cushion I didn't expect it to look so dry and matte.
After 8 hours it doesn't live up to it's long lasting claims very well. My forehead and nose are oily, and since I have been wearing my glasses today (I need them to see, not for fashion) you can see that the foundation has moved quite a lot where they sit.
There is a little cakiness around my chin, but it hasn't worn away very much, especially in comparison to a lot of other bases I have been trying recently. It's not horrible, but it's not great for longevity either.
What I Love
- Super pale, great for warm toned Porcelain Princesses
- Great coverage for lightly blemished skin
- Easy to apply
- Doesn't rub off my skin
- Refills are pretty inexpensive at about $15USD

What I Don't Love
- Accentuates pores and dry skin
- Average oil control
Final Thoughts
I'm very happy with the colour of this cushion and for the most part how it looks on my skin. It does accentuate my pores a little and it sits badly on dry skin, but it does work better with hydrating skincare or a dewy primer. It's pretty uncommon to find a cushion or foundation that is this cheap and as pale as it is, so I'm willing to work a little harder to make it work for my skin.

I would recommend the Espoir Nude Cushion Dewy to any Princesses who are looking for a super pale, warm toned cushion!

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