Saturday, 14 January 2017

Provided for Review: Swanicoco Secret Perfect Cover Essence Super Pact

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Swanicoco Secret Perfect Cover Essence Super Pact! This was kindly provided for review by Swanicoco!

This foundation comes housed in a cute little navy case that looks like your usual cushion case.
There is a large mirror inside, a cushion puff, and a hygiene sticker.
The cushion puff provided is good, but it is a little rubbery to the touch. It does apply the product well though!
This compact has a pressed pump style rather than a cushion style. This means that there isn't a cushion to soak up some of the product, but it's obviously impossible to tell when the product is getting used up.
There is only one shade for this compact, and it is a little darker than what I would have picked for myself.
However, it is very warm toned even if it is quite a bit darker than my perfect colour which is the NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia. You can also see how sheer the coverage is in comparison!
This foundation looks so pretty on my skin, it's so natural and lightweight, it looks like my skin but better. I found this easy to apply, but it did take a little while since the the compact doesn't pump out much.
Since this has natural coverage you can still see a fair amount of my freckles and scars. My skin does look really healthy and pretty though!
I had my first proper breakout in years, and you can see how little coverage this provides.
I was a little surprised that the colour didn't look awful on my skin, but at the same time it is so sheer that it really only tints the skin rather than covering it entirely. This works well for me since my skin is quite yellow in colour.
After 10 hours this foundation is holding up pretty well, there is a little shine through my T-Zone, but this is very normal for me, and I don't feel any need to touch up.
There is a little wear around my chin, but since it is such a sheer product the wear is not very noticeable. Even though my nose is oily, the foundation hasn't separated and it doesn't look like it's melted.
What I Love
- Functional packaging
- Easy to apply, although not very quick
- The colour works well for me 
- Lasts quite well on my skin
- Beautiful lightweight, natural coverage 

What I Don't Love
- It's hard to tell how much product is left
- Doesn't pump out very much at a time, can be a little tedious to apply
- Only one shade
- Quite expensive at $45NZD  

Final Thoughts
I really enjoy using this foundation when I have those no make up, but still wearing make up days, (which to be honest is most days for me, I'm very lazy) but it's not something I reach for if I have any breakouts, or my skin isn't looking the best because it really doesn't cover very much. It's definitely a product that I personally like using, but if you're wearing make up to conceal blemishes, this isn't the product for you.

I would recommend the Swanicoco Secret Perfect Cover Essence Super Pact to any Princesses looking for a super natural compact foundation.

You can purchase the Swanicoco Secret Perfect Cover Essence Super Pact from Yesstyle! 

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