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Review: Benefit Lip Tints

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be taking about the Benefit Lip Tints! There are four in the collection, I have two full sizes and two minis because the full sizes are $57 each which is a little out of my budget.
The packaging for these tints is simple, but cute. The shiny bottles do get dirty quite quickly, but they are easy to clean up. They have a long brush applicator which I absolutely hate. It's really quite difficult to use as it's so bendy, and it tickles my lips like no tomorrow so I find it really unpleasant to use.
The colour range is really beautiful, I was surprised to see how lavender Lollitint looks! You can also see the difference in texture between Benetint and the other three tints. Benetint is super thin and sheer like a water tint, it also feathers really quickly. On the other hand, the other three colours are more like milk tints, they're substantially thicker and more pigmented too.
"Our original rose-tinted stain is kiss-proof, see-through color for lips & cheeks that lasts for hours. Originally created for an exotic dancer in the 1970s, benetint has soared to cult fave status. It's loved by celebs, makeup artists and gals around the world."(1)
Benetint is a pretty blush pink. This has a very thin watery texture, it also smells and tastes very heavily of rose. Because of it's thin texture, I find that it feathers and spreads quite badly on my lips, and it also settles into my lip lines in a very obvious way. It is pretty sheer, so I need 3-4 coats to build up the below colour.
You can of course use these tints as a blush too, and this shade gives a really pretty natural flush. It is a little difficult to apply because it stains really quickly so it's important to blend like the wind. But, it does look nice.
Overall, this is probably my least favourite tint because it makes my lips look quite dry and lined. I like the colour, but I don't like the formula.
"Hello, lolli! Our candy-orchid tint treats lips & cheeks to a “pop” of dreamy sweetness. It’s the flirtiest flush you can get from a bottle…and it lasts from A.M. to P.M. Talk about stain power!"(2)
Lollitint looks like a beautiful lavender shade on my arm, but it mixes really nicely with my natural lip colour to end up in a gorgeous cool toned pink. The formula of Lollitint is much thicker and milkier than Benetint, and it looks much more flattering on my dry lips.
This works beautifully as a blush too, it looks quite dewy, but doesn't accentuate my pores which is great for me!
This is a really beautiful colour and it's the only one of the four shades that doesn't seem to have a readily available dupe. I suspect the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in Lavender would be a great comparative shade, but sadly it was limited edition and I don't have it! As for lasting from A.M to P.M, I just didn't find that to be true at all, all of these tints last for about 3 hours on my lips (without eating or drinking) which is pretty average.
"This poppy-pink tinted stain brightens cheeks & lips with a cheery flush. The liquid-gel formula beautifully blends on all complexions and lasts for hours."(3)
I have a full size of Posietint because it doesn't seem to come in a mini. This tint is a beautiful pale pink and is very much a "my lips but better shade" for me and is very subtle and sheer. I need to use 2-3 layers to get the colour below which is still very, very sheer.
This shade also looks really lovely as a blush, but to get any colour payoff I do need to use multiple layers. I think this shade won't last very long which is disappointing as it is so expensive.
Even though it's ridiculously sheer, I still quite like this shade. I would really like to find a dupe for the colour as I cannot afford to buy more of this shade, and considering how much I need to use of it I don't think the bottle will last long at all.
"This mango-tinted stain beautifully blushes lips & cheeks with a tropical coral hue. Our sheer stain has a natural finish that will leave you looking deliciously vibrant for hours."(4)
Chachatint is by far the brightest and most pigmented shade out of the four. It has a really nice colour that doesn't lean too far on the orange side, but doesn't veer into the peach side either which is actually pretty difficult to do. I only needed one layer to get the below colour which is significantly better than the other shades.
I really struggled to use this as a blush because it stains so quickly. You can actually see the lines where I applied the product directly to my skin! It does work better if you apply it to fingers rather than face, but it also makes my fingers bright orange. It looks beautiful, but it's a little too much effort for me to be using this product like that on a regular basis.
But, it is a beautiful, wearable orange.
Though the colour range is lovely, you can really tell that Benetint doesn't look good on my lips. I'm sure it does look great on Princesses that have lovely plump lips, but sadly I do not, and do rely on lip colours to hide my lines, rather than accentuate them.
All of the tints look great as blushes too, though you have to be super duper speedy to blend them out!
What I Love
- Beautiful colour range
- The milky formula sits really nicely on dry lips
- Chachatint is bright and bold, does not require multiple coats
- All colours can be used as blushes, very versatile for travel
- They dry down to be matte and smudge-proof 

What I Don't Love
- Very expensive at $57NZD each
- The brush applicator is hard to use
- Benetint makes my lips look awful
- They fade very quickly, and get quite patchy while fading
- Most shades need more than one layer to be seen on the lips 

Final Thoughts
There are quite a few things that I like about these lip tints, and quite a few things that I don't. The biggest thing I don't like is the price and the applicator, I think the price is just way too much for what the product is and what it does, and the applicator makes it really hard to apply evenly, I always need to use my finger to blend the colours out nicely and then I end up with a stained fingertip which is frustrating. I think my favourite colour is Posietint because it really is a very pretty colour, and my least favourite is Benetint because it just doesn't look good on my lips. I'm definitely going to try and find dupes for these shades because I personally cannot afford to buy the full sizes ones again, but I'm confident that I could find $5 KBeauty versions since they always make amazing lip tints, so look out for an East Vs West comparison featuring these tints soon!

I would recommend the Benefit lip tints to any Princesses with a higher budget, that are looking for beautiful lip tints.

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  1. wow, love the chacha tint on you (esp your cheeks)! I really want to try out the benefit lip tints but they're so expensive so I stick to the Korean ones! But maybe if they come out with a value set I might just have to pick it up!

  2. The lollitint looks really pretty on your lips! I've always wanted to try Benefit's tints but the price tag is so offputting, and it's really disappointing that they fade quickly!

    Belle in Black and White


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