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Review: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the iconic Touche Eclat! I purchased this in the shade 2, Luminous Ivory which is supposed to be the lightest shade in the range, and I am a little disappointed with it!

"Touche Eclat is a cult favorite among top makeup artists, models, celebrities and women everywhere. 1 Touche Eclat is sold somewhere in the world every 10 seconds. This golden pen is the #1 beauty tool and makeup bag essential for the modern woman.

Not just a concealer, Touche Eclat is the original face highlighter that launched a new generation of makeup. It emphasizes radiance over coverage and does not mask the skin for a more natural, luminous complexion. You won’t see Touche Eclat makeup, you’ll see the light.

Learn How to apply Touche Eclat to erase fatigue, highlight features and lighten dark spots and circles. The evanescent texture blends seamlessly on bare skin or over makeup. Touche Eclat is 8 hours of beauty sleep in a click."(1)

This highlighter comes housed in a regal gold pen. The product is pushed through the pen using the pump at the top, and is applied using the brush at the other end. I would not apply this product onto any open blemishes because that is just inviting further infections.
I have the shade 2; Luminous Ivory. This is supposed to be the lightest shade in the range, and for me it is disappointingly dark. It oxidises quite a lot on my arm, but not so badly on my face.
This highlighter/concealer combo is widely used for highlighting under the eye area. However, this is mostly the same colour of my skin so does very little in the way of highlighting, and since I don't really have dark shadows it doesn't conceal very much either.
On the top eye I used the Touche Éclat and on the bottom eye I used my regular foundation. I don't see any difference between the two eyes.
In the below photo I have applied the highlighter to the photo right eye. I can see a slight concealer like effect, but no highlighting.

What I Love
- Elegant, functional packaging
- Doesn't dry out my under eye area
- Easy and convenient to use

What I Don't Love
- Too dark of a shade to brighten
- Not a high coverage concealer
- Quite expensive for what it is
Final Thoughts
The reason this product is not in the fail pile is because I can see the value in the product for others, even though I can't see it for myself. As a product that is supposed to conceal, I don't think it does a very good job because it has quite a light texture, but for highlighting I know it does do a good job for others when you choose a shade or two lighter than your own skintone. I think most people use this solely for highlighting the under eye area, but sadly for me the lightest shade is the same (ish) shade as my skin normally, so it won't really work like that. It's a nice product and I can see why people like it, but it's not a product for me.

I would recommend the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat to any Princesses looking to brighten up their under eye area, as long as you can find a shade lighter than your own skin tone!

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  1. I was also disappointed when I tried this out! It's a shame they don't have lighter shades.

    Belle in Black and White


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