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Review: Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bars! I've had a couple of these gloss bars for quite a while and have recently completed the collection, so I thought it was time to do a review on them!
"Crayon Type Gloss Bar
Clear type that keeps lips moist and smooth throughout the day

Easy and Cute type gloss bar, shaped as a cute rabbit
9 different types of fruit scent with smooth texture. Convenient to carry.

Lipstick type lip gloss
Texture between lipstick and lip gloss. Protects and softens the lips with berry complex and Vitamin E."(1)
These Gloss Bars of course come in super duper cute bunny packaging! Each colour has a different bunny face on the cap which I think is adorable. There are 8 shades ranging from light pinks, reds and oranges.
Underneath the cute cap there is a small bar that winds up from the base. After a while these stop winding down so well and I would need to use my finger to push it further down.

Since these are a gloss bar they are quite sheer and glossy in formulation. They are able to be built up in colour with a couple of extra swipes, and in general feel quite nice on the lips. They do accentuate dry patches on my lips, but they keep my lips feeling really hydrated which is nice. The lasting power is not very long as it is a sheer gloss, I would need to reapply mine every few hours like I would with my regular lip balm. Below I have swatched all the colours once, and then a couple times over to show the build up of colour.
Juicy Strawberry
The first shade is Juicy Strawberry, which is a super pale pink.
This shade shows up very subtly on my lips, though you can definitely still see it! I've grown to really like this shade, I can see it on my lips as it makes my lips appear slightly lighter than usual. This also smells and tastes faintly of strawberries which I like! However, I'm not sure how versatile this colour would be for different skin types. 
Juicy Grape
Juicy Grape has the sheerest colour, and looks faintly purple.
This is my least favourite colour by far. It doesn't have any colour payoff on my lips, and it tastes just awful. It tastes like lemon soap for some reason and it makes me feel a little ill! I also find it so strange that there is glitter on in the bullet, but this never shows up on my lips or in swatches.

Juicy Apple
Juicy Apple is a pretty medium pink.
This was the first shade I ever purchased and I still love it! It's a really pretty pink and has one of the more vibrant colours in the range. This is one of the shades I would recommend for most skin types.
Juicy Cherry
Juicy Cherry is a cherry red shade.
This is another fairly pigmented shade, though it looks quite similar to the Juicy Apple! Juicy Cherry is a more orange based red than Juicy Apple, and is slightly darker too.
Juicy Peach
Juicy Peach is a pretty, sheer peach shade!
This is a my lips but better shade! It's very subtle, and I like it a lot, though I think if your lips are more pigmented than mine this shade may not show up as well since it is one of the sheerer colours.
Juicy Orange
Juicy Orange is a vibrant orange shade!
This shade is another of the more pigmented shades, this one is very orange! This one does tend to accentuate some of the fine lines on my lips which isn't that nice, but it's also not that bad either!
Neon Orange
Neon Orange is a less pigmented version of the Juicy Orange shade!
This shade clings to the imperfections worse than the Juicy Orange shade, and is also very similar in colour. I don't think that anyone really needs both the Juicy Orange and the Neon Orange shade since they are very similar, and in my opinion the Juicy Orange shade is better than the Neon Orange.
Neon Yellow
Neon Yellow is actually a light pink shade!
This shade is one of my surprise favourites, I'm so glad it's not yellow and doesn't taste like lemons. It's a really pretty pink for my skin and I really enjoy wearing it. This shade is almost in the middle of Juicy Apple and Juicy Cherry!
Neon Red
Neon Red is a sheer pinky red shade.
Neon Red is so similar to Juicy Apple that I don't think most people will need to buy both, but it's still a nice shade and completes the collection.
Here are all the pink shades compared! I don't think the basic pink shades look too similar, though I still don't like the Juicy Grape shade.
These are the three red shades. Juicy Cherry looks much more orange than Juicy Apple and Neon Red, but Juicy Apple and Neon Red look very similar to one another.
Lastly we have the three Orange shades. Juicy Peach is beautiful, but Juicy Orange and Neon Orange look very similar to one another.
And here are all the shades together!
What I Love
- Most shades are nicely pigmented
- Good shade range, though there are some close colours
- Inexpensive at around $3-4USD each
- Super cute packaging
- Moderately moisturising for the lips

What I Don't Love
- Some shades are quite similar
- The Juicy Grape shade tastes just awful

Final Thoughts
Of course, I really like these little bunny shaped gloss bars! I mean, how surprising is that considering they have cute bunny faced caps. The product inside the bunnies is quite nice though, even though they are quite inexpensive. However, these are exactly what they say they are; gloss bars. These are not meant to be long wearing, but they provide a sheer tint of colour and gloss in a super cute container, so if that is the type of lip product you are after, these are a great option! I really like them, though I can't say that I will keep the Juicy Grape shade after this review because it just tastes so foul to me! ><

I would definitely recommend the Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar's for any Princesses looking for a super cute, sheer lip gloss! 

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  2. The juicy apple shade is so cute! I also love the angry looking bunny packaging haha

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  3. Thank you for your very informative post! Now I know which shades I want to buy when I finally go for my dream vacation to Korea :).
    Your whole blog is just amazing! Keep going!

  4. These are so adorable, I love the peachy and the grape one the most ♥



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