Monday, 29 August 2016

How To: DIY Your Own Cushion Compact

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about how you can DIY your own cushion compact! There are a couple of different ways to create your own customised cushion compact, though there are a lot of pro's and con's to doing so.

Cushion Cases
You can buy a DIY cushion case like this It's My Cushion from Easy Beauty which ensure your cushion is very hygienic, or you can clean out one of your own ones to reduce waste. Cleaning the cushions themselves is very tedious, so it's actually easier to purchase a new cushion like this one from Missha, but it is possible to clean the cushion from the old case.
Ideally your cushion case has a removable inner as this will make it so much easier. To clean the cushion you will need to remove the cushion and soak it in brush cleanser or make up remover. First, I squeezed out the leftover product onto a couple of tissues so the sponge was relatively clean. I then wiped out the casing, pumped some oil cleanser into the case and put the sponge back in. I pumped some more oil cleanser onto the cushion and left it to soak for about 30minutes. After 30minutes I took the sponge out and rinsed it under warm water. I did this a couple of times until the sponge was clean. 
After the sponge is free from foundation, I used a brush cleanser to clean it thoroughly. I also used Isopropyl Alcohol to sanitise the inner casing and the sponge.
Filling your cushion compact
Again, there are a couple of options here. I use my cushion cases to house bulk sample sachets of foundations I like, or to mix a foundation with a lighter mixer. I don't like adding any skincare ingredients to my bases as I am not qualified to decided what mixes well with what, and it increases the chances that your compact will grow mould. Ew. Here are a couple of do's and dont's for mixing your bases:

Start with a full coverage base, as it gets diluted with more product
Work in small batches to get the right consistency, coverage, and dewiness
Mix products with the same bases (water with water, silicone with silicone)

Add sunscreen. It's not going to do anything other than dilute your foundation
Add contrasting ingredients, a water based foundation won't go well with an oil based skincare product
Add products near to expiry date or have unstable formulas. These can go mouldy
Whatever you decide to put in your cushion, make sure you fill your case up by at least 50%, otherwise the cushion will soak everything up way too much! I found the easiest way to mix my cushion was to decide on my ratio before putting it in the case (ie: 1 pump of foundation to 2 pumps of white foundation) and then mixing the foundation in the proper ratio into the cushion casing. After getting to product in the case, squish your sponge back in, smoosh the product around and into the sponge and you're done!

Aaaaaaaaaaand that is how I reuse my cushion compacts and mix my own custom coloured foundations! I hope this was helpful for some Princesses out there that want to clean and re-use their cushion compacts! ^ ^ 

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  1. I did that once when emptied my cushion. The cushion itself I washed with clothes detegrent - very fast and clean. Lots of rinsing afterwards, but it goes out well. I used EH precious minerals bright fit, but it seemed too solid and tended to dry. So I'd suggest more liquid consistency.


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