Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Review: La Biosthetic Curl Defining Cream

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the La Biosthetique Curl Defining Cream! This is going to be a pretty short review since this product really just helps your hair hold a nice curl.

"Are your curls rebelling again? Are you having problems taming them? Not any more! Curl Defining Cream bunches the hair into clearly defined, expressive shapes, controls the springiness of curls and provides elastic hold with Bounce Back effect. The Moroccan argan oil in this styling cream tames and calms dry, unruly curls and gives them in an instant mega shine without weighing them down – apply to wet and dry hair. In addition, the product contains a Natural Moisturising Factor that forms a protective shield and protects the mane from dehydration. The curls are bunched and frizz has no chance. Perfectly shaped curls and waves all day long!"(1)
This cream comes packaged in a squeeze tube, but mine broke the day I bought it, so I have decanted mine in to a standard pump top bottle. The cream has a thin texture and smells amazing. It's easy to apply to damp or dry hair.
I like to apply this defining cream to my damp hair at night and then sleep in braids. This gives me really soft, defined waves in the morning that last all day! I used the defining Cream on the photo right side of my hair but not on the left. It also works really well to define my natural waves.

What I Love
- Smells amazing
- Helps my hair hold a nice curl
- Curls or waves last for the day 

What I Don't Love
- Nothing!

Final Thoughts
This curl defining cream does exactly what it says it does and defines my curls. It works well if I'm using it in my damp hair and air drying it, it works well if I'm sleeping in braids, and it works well on curled hair. I don't have anything bad to say about this product at all, I just don't think it requires a super long review because it's not a revolutionary product, it just defines my curls really nicely!

I would recommend the La Biosthetic Curl Defining Cream to any Princesses who are wanting softly defined curls that last all day! ^ ^

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