Monday, 11 July 2016

Fail or Holy Grail Review: Skinfood Grape Seed Oil Wrinkle Neck Cream

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Skinfood Grape Seed Oil Wrinkle Neck Cream! This looks like such a fun looking skincare item, but in reality it's not a very effective one.

"Description: This treatment is formulated with grape seed oil and adenosine to effectively moisturize the neck and smoothen out wrinkles and visible lines on the neck.

To Use: Take an appropriate amount and apply it by spreading evenly from the lower part of the neck up to the upper part."(1)
This cream comes packaged in a little plastic tub with grapes on the front. It comes with a hygiene cap to keep the cream from wandering out of the tub during travel.
This cream is a pale pinky purple colour and smells like grapes! It is quite thick in texture, but is easy to spread across the skin. It absorbs quickly, but leaves an oily residue.
When I apply this cream to my neck I can see very little immediate results. It feels quite nice and smooth since it is an oily cream, but it doesn't plump up any fine lines or anything immediately.
I usually sleep with this cream on since I find it a  little too oily for day time use. After sleeping with this cream on I see no difference to my neck wrinkles either.
Aside from the obvious evening to morning light difference, all  my neck wrinkles are still looking the same which is a little annoying. It doesn't even plump them up a little by hydrating them, I feel like using my regular skincare on my neck makes a bigger difference than using a specific neck cream!

What I Love
- Cute packaging
- Fun to use
- Smells lovely
- Feels lovely

What I Don't Love
- It doesn't actually do anything for my neck

Final Thoughts
This is a fail for me since it actually doesn't do anything to my neck wrinkles! It does make my neck feel quite soft initially, but it is also quite oily which means that I can't really use it during the day without making my hands oily if I touch it. It's cute, fun to use and smells lovely, but at the end of the day it doesn't have an impact on the wrinkles that I already have on my neck.

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  1. That actually looks like it may work after a longer period of time. The color is lovely and I like the packaging as well.

    xo Azu

  2. When I first got into K-beauty, I thought I loved Skinfood. But once I tried so many different products and brands, I have come to the conclusion that while a lot of their stuff is fun and smells great, none of them ever really made much of a difference for me.


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