Friday, 22 July 2016

First Impression: LUSH Hot Oil Treatment - Damaged

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the LUSH Hot Oil Treatment in the Damaged formula! I picked this little treatment while shopping in my local LUSH store and it was recommended for my colour treated hair!

What Does It Do?
"Olive and avocado oil add moisture and increase the hair’s tensile strength. If you like to bleach, braid, dye or straighten your hair, this product will give it the support it needs to facilitate your style.

Place your treatment into a suitable container (we like to use an empty black pot) and pop the kettle on. We recommend taking this opportunity to prepare a nice cup of tea as well!

Slowly add a small amount of hot water to the solid treatment - and begin to stir gently. Take your time, adding water as needed, allowing the product to thicken slowly until you are left with an empty stick and a rich, creamy treatment (this can take around five minutes, just long enough for you to finish your tea!).

Apply to dry hair and leave for around 20 minutes before shampooing, to allow the ingredients to get to work, hydrating and replenishing your crowning glory.
Cetearyl Alcohol & Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (Cetearyl Alcohol & Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), Guar Gum (Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride), Sodium Bicarbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate), Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis), Organic Avocado Oil, Perfume (Perfume), Citric Acid (Citric Acid), Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute (Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute)"(1)
This hair treatment is a solid block with a wooden spatula stuck inside. To create this treatment you melt it slowly in a solid container.
I used boiling water to melt the treatment which worked well! I also used an old tub of BIG to hold the treatment which turned out to be a good idea, because the treatment doesn't come off the pot easily.
Fully melted, the treatment is still quite thick and a little waxy feeling. I tried to add more water to it, but by the time it was cool enough to use it thickened up again.
One treatment is enough to use for my long hair. If you have short hair I think you would be able to use this twice at least! The treatment is hard to apply to dry hair because of the thick waxy texture and even though I thought I got every inch of my hair, I actually missed a couple of bits.
 I wrapped my hair into a bun and left the treatment for 5 hours.
This is hard to wash out. Very hard. I had to shampoo my hair four times to get the treatment out (because it looked like the above photo after 2 shampoos) and in all honesty it felt quite dry. After I got out of the shower and dried my hair I found some strands that still had treatment.
There is not much too difference in the immediate before and after photo. I blow dry my hair straight and it'll wave out over the week since I need to sleep in braids (which hopefully explains the texture difference. My hair looks shinier and nicer in the before photo to me, and it also feels nicer.
After the treatment, my hair feels nice, though a little dry. It doesn't feel very slippery and soft, but this doesn't surprise me too much since LUSH haircare usually makes my hair feel a little rough. I wish it felt nicer, since when it feels rough it does get tangled quite easily, leading to me ripping more hair out of my head which isn't great.

Check out the quick time video to see how I used this!
Would I Purchase This Product?
Probably not, unless I did something wrong. If I didn't have to use so much shampoo to get the treatment out I think my hair would have felt a lot nicer, but I wasn't going to walk around with white clumps in my hair for a week, so I had very little choice. It is a lot of fun to make and use, but it's hard to get off my hands and off the mixing pot, so I'm not surprised it was difficult to get out of my hair! The LUSH assistants advised me to "run a little shampoo through the ends" but wow four shampoo's is not a little!

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  1. I think you end definitely look a lot better in the after photo! I don't like that you have to take a step and boil water to use it though :( I don't have the patience for, haha.

  2. the result is rather good but the overall process is so tedious. starting by melting it out, then it's super hard to take it off the hair. ugh I think a good creambath at hair salon is better :) that's my 2cent :)

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