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Provided for Review: J:Dew Green Moist Emulsion and Cream

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the last two products from the Green Moist Skincare Line!
I really love the packaging from this line, it's so elegant but still so natural looking with the green and brown tones!
J:DEW Green Moist Emulsion
This moisturizing lotion gives richness and moisture to your skin. It goes on soft and smooth, leaving your skin smooth and radiant.

Organic aloe vera and green tea from the clean soil of Jeju island effectively sooth imitated skin and moisturize the deeper layers of skin. This adenosine-containing lotion also helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, returning firmness to your skin.

Sunflower seed oil argan oil nourish and soften your skin. Antioxidants from the broccoli extract protect your skin from further damage and return the healthy tone and radiance of your skin.

Our 6-free system ensures that none of the following ingredients are found in our product;parabens, mineral oils, animal derivatives, artificial aromas, artificial colorings, and benzophenone. Thus, our products are safe for even sensitive skin.

How to use:

After toner and essence, apply 2-3pumps of the lotion on your face,from the corner of your face."(1)
The Emulsion is packaged in the same packaging as the rest of the line, with a beautiful green plastic bottle, a pump cap and safety lid.
The Emulsion is white and quite thin in texture. This reminds me of a classic lotion like texture, and I find it easy to spread across the skin. One pump disperses enough emulsion to cover my face sufficiently.
This Emulsion makes my skin feel really lovely and soft! This is more suitable for my drier winter skin than the previous two products are, though when used in conjunction with the entire line the hydration level is ideal for winter. I think it does make my skin look a little more radiant after application, it certainly looks more even in the before and after photo! I'm not too sure about the reduction in fine lines since I always use the Essence first which definitely plumps up my fine lines already.
J:DEW Green Moist Cream
This rich moisturizing cream penetrates and moisturizes even the deep layers of your skin without stickiness, turning your rough skin into smooth, moisturized , and elastic skin.

Organic aloe vera and green tea from the clean soil of Jeju island effectively moisturize and sooth irritated skin, leaving it with healthy radiance.

Moisturizing complexes derived from natural ingredients moisturize and protect your skin from dryness antloxidants from the broccoli extract and camellia oil protects your skin from further damage and gives you a clear and healthy complexion.

Our 7-free system ensures that none of the following ingredients are found in our products; parabens,mineral oils, animal derivatives, artificial aromas, artificial colorings, benzophenone, and sillicone oil. Thus, our products are safe for even very sensitive skin.

How to use:

After essence or lotion, apply the cream gently onto your face."(2)
This cream comes packaged in a little jar with a hygiene cap.
Since this cream is in a jar I prefer to use a spatula to get it out, I just think it's more hygienic than using my fingers. The cream itself feels like a lightweight gel and is easy to spread on my skin.
The one quirk with this product is that it does feel quite oily on my skin. This isn't a problem at night or if I'm applying make up over top, but if I was to use the cream during the day with nothing else (including sunscreen) my skin would look quite oily and if I touched my skin my hand would also be oily. Other than that, it makes my skin feel so super soft the next morning and preps my skin really nicely for make up!

What I Love
- Moisturising and hydrates my skin really well
- Elegant, functional packaging
- Gorgeous lavender scent
- Inexpensive at around $20USD for each item

What I Don't Love
- The cream does leave my skin feeling slightly oily

Final Thoughts
I really enjoyed trying out the J:Dew Moist Green range! I think the range of products is really lovely, I adore the lavender scent because it definitely adds to the enjoyment of using these products for me personally (though I understand if you don't like the scent of Lavender, you may not like these as much as me!). These products moisturise my skin really well, and I like that the Toner and Essence are lighter so they're a great option for warmer summer weather, but the addition of such a hydrating cream makes it easy to add a great layer of moisturisation during the winter.

Thank you so much to Q-Depot for providing these items for review!

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  1. Just having the word "dew" in its name sounds refreshing already! I think lavender smells amazing, especially since it's so relaxing.


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