Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Review: Missha Signature Radiance Make Up Base

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Missha Signature Radiance Make-Up Base in the Green shade! I talked about this product back when I first started blogging, and I'm going to talk about it again because I still really like it!

"Moist, lightweight base helps correct complexion, and prepares skin for excellent makeup adherence and comfortable long wear.

Contains minerals and collagen to moisturize, nourish, and add shine to skin.

Apply after basic skincare and before foundation."(1)
This product comes housed in a heavy, frosted glass jar with a pump top. It's not the most convenient for travel, but it is very functional and pretty!
I have the green shade, but this also comes in a purple shade too! It has a moderately thick texture which is quite easy to spread over the skin and is a light minty colour. I could be wrong, but I assume this looks best on medium to light skintones as it makes me look a little sickly. This also leaves a very matte finish on my skin and can accentuate any dry patches.
I applied this base to the photo right side of my face in these photos. It definitely makes my skin appear brighter, and covers some of the redness in my skin. However, it does make my skin look like it has more product on it (which is true) and it's not my favourite look as I prefer to go for a more natural, dewy look for my everyday look.
This is a great product for me to use for night time events as it gives me a flawless base! I can definitely see a difference to my skin in the below photo. The photo left side is my bare skin and the photo left side has just the Missha Base.
What I Love
- Elegant packaging
- Easy (but tedious) to apply
- Helps cover redness in skin
- Adds coverage to skin

What I Don't Love
- Makes skin look a little cakey
- Emphasises dry patches 
Final Thoughts
I really like this Make Up Base! It works so well to give me a flawless base when I need a little extra coverage, but it's not a product that I use everyday. I do need to make sure that I moisturise my skin really well though since it does emphasise dry patches, but other than being a little tedious to blend it's one of my go to products when I'm performing on stage or being photographed.

I would definitely recommend this make up base to any Princesses looking for a base to help correct redness in the skin and a flawless finish to their base. 

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  1. I really need to try more AB primers! I really, really like how this made your skin look - so flawless!
    Lexie |


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