Sunday, 24 July 2016

Provided for Review: GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Grey

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Lenses! These lenses were kindly provided to me for review by LensFlavors!

"Diameter: 14.8mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal"(1)

These are yearly lenses, so come in little vials of solution. These do need to be soaked in solution before wear. They also come with a free case as usual!
These lenses are a lot nicer than I expected. It feels nice to be wearing a larger size of lens again since I haven't been able to wear larger lenses in a little while now.
Colour and Design
These are a Sesame Grey colour which is quite prominent through the lens, but there is also a nice gradiant towards brown through to the centre of the lens. These have a very thick black limal ring which does make them look very unreal and dolly like (which in some circumstances I do like) but these are not good lenses for a natural look. I am surprised about how well these blend to my natural iris though!
 Comfort and Enlargement
I cannot speak for the comfort of these lenses since I was sent the wrong prescription. This means that while I can wear them for short periods of time, I can't actually see properly since one eye is seeing way too far. They are a little scratchy and need a couple of minutes to settle into my eyes, but they're not uncomfortable in general. I adore the enlargement of these lenses, they're big and dolly like, but not too dead. They're definitely not a natural looking lens!

What I Love
- Beautiful colour
- Great enlargement
- Lovely colour design
- Thick limbal ring, very doll like 

What I Don't Love
- I was sent the wrong prescription
- Slightly scratchy in eyes
Final Thoughts
I really wish these lenses were the right prescription so that I could actually wear them! They're really pretty, and I'm really surprised that I like the grey colour on my eyes! 

Having said that, I am quite frustrated at Lensflavors in this instance. I was approached by them to review some lenses which I gladly accepted - lenses are something I wear regularly so I enjoy reviewing them! I requested the Chocolate Brown lens but was told they were out of stock. Instead, I requested the Sesame Grey lens. They sent me the wrong prescription, so they offered to send the right prescription, but instead sent me the Chocolate Brown lens. So now I have twice the work for one pair of lens. Frustrating. It seems very petty to complain about this, but this is not the first time this company has sent me the wrong, or faulty lenses and I believe honesty is the best policy, especially when talking about products that have been given to me in exchange for a review.

Thank you to Lensflavors for providing these lenses for review! 

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  1. The color is fantastic! I have medium-to-dark brown eyes (probably somewhat darker than yours as much as I can tell from photos,) and I have been trying to talk myself into tinted lenses, but keep thinking nothing would really pop over my dark eye color. This actually looks pretty convincing. :)

    1. From a distance they look really cool, though up close you would definitely notice the difference in colour ;) Though I feel all tinted lenses look fake, no matter how close they are to the natural eye colour!


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