Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Review: Etude House Etoinette All Over Powder

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Etoinette All Over Powder! This super cute powder is very limited edition, but I thought I would talk about it today since you can still purchase this in some stores.
"Multi shine powder made of the scent of White Peony and Pink Rose 

‘All Over Powder’ that imparts mild scent and shimmer to your beauty 
- Sparkling Pink and Gold Pearl for your Glam Look
- The lovely scent embraces your skin with every touch 
- Botanical oil infused for the better fitting of pearl pigment
- Multi shine powder to give shine on your face, body, eyes and lips"
The packaging for this powder is of course adorable, it is quite big, but it's definitely decorative packaging rather than functional packaging.
It also comes with it's own little puff which while totally adorable, is not very functional either. I would use this puff if I was applying this powder as an all over powder, but it's too heavy to use on my face.
 Inside, there is a little sifter to stop me from bathing in glitter, and underneath of course is the powder! This powder appears to be a light beige with pink and silver glitter.
If applied heavily there is a white cast left on the skin.
 But applied sheerly you can only really see the glitter. There isn't any shimmer in this powder, so it doesn't make a very good highlighter.
 From a distance you can barely tell I've applied any product to my cheekbones.
But up close, you can see the sheer glitter. It's not my cup of tea, but you can use this as a highlighter.
I actually quite like to use this powder on my eyelids! It creates a really beautiful glitter and it looks great placed on the centre of the lids for a little pop of glitter.

What I Love
- Amazing packaging
- Works nicely as an eyeshadow
- Can be used as a highlighter
- Can be used as an all over body glitter
- Isn't overly scented  

What I Don't Love
- Too sparkly to be used as a face powder
- Very limited edition

Final Thoughts
Although I adore the packaging of this product, the actual powder really isn't all that useful for me, and I have debated throwing the powder out in favour for a different powder. I like using it for a little bit of glitter on my eyelids, but it's not my first choice and mainly sits on my counter as a bit of eye candy. It's cute, but I wouldn't pay huge amounts for it since it's not all that helpful.

I would recommend this powder to any Princesses looking for a multi purpose cosmetic glitter! ^ ^

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  1. Wow that packaging! It's gorgeous

  2. I would definitely look at deporting the powder into another jar and buying a loose powder highlighter from an indie brand like Darling Girl (their Spectral Shift are amazing) or Notoriously Morbid (I haven't tried any of their permanent range ones yet but I have a LE one which is SO glowy, it's awesome).


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